Philippine IT Outsourcing in a Nutshell – 1:40 Min. Read

Philippine IT Outsourcing in a Nutshell – 1:40 Min. Read Remote Staff

As IT outsourcing and other remote staffing solutions increased in popularity, several developing countries including the Philippines reaped the rewards that came with the BPO boom. Generally, IT staff, call center agents and marketing staff were firstly outsourced. But right now, even highly technical positions are filled in with offshore staff.

The high demand for skilled IT professionals has continuously led to numerous available positions in many labor markets but with a shortage of qualified candidates to fill them with. As a result, a number of multinational companies began searching for other ways to fill their staff requirements without overloading overheads, and thus they resorted to IT outsourcing and other staffing options.

International businesses from SMEs to world-renowned corporations engage in IT outsourcing to reduce their labor costs without compromising output quality. Amazingly, the lower salaries are not attributed to inferior skills but more so the abundance of local professionals across developing countries who are qualified for effective IT outsourcing.

The availability of these professionals to accommodate international clients also stems from the lack of desirable employment opportunities within their home countries. One of the main reasons why IT experts choose IT outsourcing instead of local employment is because of unreasonably low pay and excessive work hours.

Employed under an international client, qualified professionals are able to enjoy significantly higher hourly wages while working within fixed eight-hour shifts. Depending on the liaising recruitment company, local IT outsourcing arrangements may also come with home-based work arrangements like at Remote Staff.


The Philippines is currently one of the top choices for IT outsourcing as multinational companies find it easy to deal with Filipino outsourced staff because of their excellent English communication skills, high-quality education, and corporate experience. The Filipinos’ affinity to Western culture is also a plus.

When you work with a reliable and highly-experienced company to satisfy your IT outsourcing needs, you can easily benefit by:

  • Finding the right web developer or web programmer that matches your skills criteria and project requirements.
  • Establishing a high level of trust with your offshore team.
  • Establishing an effective method of ongoing communication.
  • Regaining more time to focus on your core business as everything from staff monitoring to payroll will be easy to manage.
  • Reducing your overheads by as much as 70%.

The important thing to remember about IT outsourcing is that you should work with a reliable outsourcing company who will invest time, effort, and funds in ensuring that the remote working relationship runs smoothly on your behalf.

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