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Authors now can easily set up blogs or websites, as well as social media accounts, where they can establish their readership and reach out to agents and publishers. But working on these things takes time away from their writing and this is why having a reliable virtual secretary can make a huge difference!

Instead of authors spending time creating online accounts, updating blog sites, and engaging on social media, they can spend time doing what they do best, writing books, while their virtual secretary handles the rest.

Hiring local staff can be quite expensive especially for writers who have yet to land that first book deal. The great thing about Remote Staff is that we can find you a dependable virtual secretary while saving you as much as 70% on your overheads.

Are you the next Stephenie Meyer? Why not think big!

Aside from a virtual secretary who can manage all of the administrative duties of authors, other professionals like an SEO specialist, social media manager, web developer, graphic designer, and the like can also be added to the team as the need arises.

Your graphic designer will be responsible for designing your book, from covers to inside pages, as well as any promotional materials from posters to banners. You can get someone to work on a per-project basis saving you more money.

You’ll then need a web developer to create a website for you. As with the graphic designer, you will probably only need one for two to four months, depending on the amount of work needed on the website.

After the website is up, you’ll only need the developer to do little tweaks. Just be sure that you and your virtual secretary can manage the occasional updating needed for the site.

To get your website noticed, you’ll need an SEO specialist as well. Your remote staff will be responsible for creating content for your website, building high-quality links, analyzing results, and making any necessary adjustments to your digital assets ensuring that you’ll have a strong online presence.

All of these efforts will ensure that your website gets found on search engines, by the people who were searching for a book, topic, or theme that could be related to what you classify your work as. This kind of work will require a longer amount of time, so you’ll need to hire a remote professional to work anywhere from six months onwards.

A social media manager will also be an integral part of the team. It would be best if your social media manager and virtual secretary collaborated with each other as the latter can assist the former with the activity on your social media accounts.

Through social media, you can develop your readership and create marketing events such as book signings or readings, drumming up buzz for yourself and your work. Ask your virtual secretary to find viable venues for these and set up all of the necessary appointments.

The great thing about having a trusty virtual secretary is that apart from these tasks, you can also depend on him or her to handle other things like sorting and answering emails, building and updating your contacts databases, managing your calendar, scheduling appointments, participating in events, and planning trips.

Why not think out of the box? All this sounds expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Professional support from the Philippines is extremely cost-effective and can save you time and money. Launch your blog or book with the support that’s needed to succeed. You’ve put so much effort into it already, now it’s time to fly!


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