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How to Delegate Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant – 2:50 Min. Read

However hard you work, there are only so many hours in the day to get things done. Feeling like you need to be cloned? Would you like time to actually sit down during the day? This is where a trusty virtual assistant will come in handy.

In most cases, when executing a heavy workload, the best way to deliver excellent output across various tasks is by choosing to delegate. But before you can successfully delegate tasks, you must understand what it is about, why you have to do it, and how to go about it properly.

Even if delegation can save you a lot of time, there are people who try their best to avoid it. One of the reasons why they avoid it as much as they can is because delegating tasks can demand a lot of up-front effort.

But given its rewards, this is something that you can easily workaround. Also, it becomes easier and easier as you get used to working with a reliable virtual assistant.

There are situations when delegation will benefit you, and those when it won’t.

Keep in mind that there are times when even the best virtual assistant may not be the perfect person for a job. So it is really important that you manage your expectations.

To know whether or not you should delegate a particular task, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is my virtual assistant capable of doing this task or would it be better if I did it myself?

Consider the expertise of the person that you are planning on delegating the task. Unless he or she has the capacity to fulfill a task, there really is no sense in delegating something that you know won’t get done properly.

2. Will the task provide an opportunity for growth?

Delegation is not merely about handing a task off to someone else. Especially in a professional setting, delegate tasks if another person, your virtual assistant, in this case, can learn from it and improve his or her skills.

3. Do you have the time to handle the delegation?

If you plan on delegating a task to someone else, see to it that you have ample time to spend on training, explaining, answering queries, checking progress, and handling rework requirements.

Tips on Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant to Delegate To

Again, expertise is always a necessary consideration. You are delegating a task for the purpose that it be completed in time, so you want someone who is actually capable of delivering a job well done.

Always take the time to consider your specific needs and tasks when you are in the process of hiring a virtual assistant. Be mindful of a candidate’s experience, skills, and attitude.

Can he or she accomplish the task at hand? Is there interest in doing this kind of work? Are they suited for this type of work? These are only some of the vital questions you should ask prior to delegating tasks to a potential candidate.

Top Tips When Delegating to Your Virtual Assistant

It is important for you to be as patient and understanding as possible when you delegate a task especially when it takes the candidate longer to complete it. Always remember that your VA is still learning.

If you choose the right virtual assistant for the job, he or she will become reliable and competent in a jiffy. When delegating, it is important that you be as clear as possible with what task you need to be managed, and what your desired outcome is.

Be clear on your involvement in the task. Will there be a collaborative effort or will you be there to simply check on your VA’s progress every now and then? Establish concrete deadlines as well and always be open to any questions your candidate might have.

When it comes to the work process, do not be as strict as to how you want things done. Everyone has his own processes.

For as long as you get your desired outcome within the stated timeline, then it shouldn’t matter how your candidate proceeded with the task at hand. Focus on results and learn to trust your virtual assistant.

You can check on progress every now and then but do not micromanage your VA as it will defeat the purpose of delegation. Provide your VA with enough breathing space to do his or her magic.

The Golden Rule of Delegating

It is important for you to understand that you can delegate all the tasks you want, but at the end of the day, the responsibility is still yours. The overall accountability will fall on your shoulders.

So be careful and mindful when you delegate tasks. If you feel that something is better handled internally then work on it yourself.

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