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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Offshore Staff from the Philippines

You’ve probably started considering hiring offshore staff for your business when you heard that some businesses have hired Filipino virtual assistants to help them save time and have just made their lives easier. We can’t blame you, or other business owners or start-up founders to be curious about Filipinos. They are among the top choices, not just for SMEs, but for larger businesses. They are exceptional workers and highly skilled professionals. 

Filipinos are everywhere – they are in your phones, your stores, and even in your homes. But what exactly makes Filipino remote workers exceptional? 

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should hire your offshore staff from the Philippines: 

1.  Filipinos have excellent written and verbal English communication skills

According to the results of the 2019 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS), an estimated 73.0 million out of 79.7 million Filipinos aged 10-64 years old were functionally literate. That means 91.6 percent of Filipinos can read, write, and compute complex language. Not only that, the Philippines has the second-highest proficiency EF EPI scores among 24 countries in Asia. 

Undoubtedly, Filipinos are the top choice for jobs that are heavily dependent on the use of English in day-to-day activities and their success.

2.  Filipinos possess a wide range of skills and vast work experience

Life is indeed difficult especially in a developing country like the Philippines. But that is also one of the reasons Filipinos have a wide array of skills and knowledge. Even when resources are scarce, they deliver the results expected from them. Furthermore, they find ways to adapt to challenging situations that in turn pushes them to be creative and innovative. 

Let’s take a look at the table below that outlines the common skills, competencies, and capabilities of a Filipino remote worker:



(learned abilities to do a specific job well)


(combined knowledge and behaviors demonstrated that led to success) 


(some possibilities of tasks that can be performed in the future)

  • Possesses very good to excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • Ability to relate to English-speaking customers/consumers through conversations over the phone, email, web, and social media
  • Has the cultural affinity or exposure to use and decode idiomatic expressions and colloquialism in conversations
  • Can build rapport and keep  your customers happy, informed, and engaged
  • Recruit, train, lead and manage a team of highly motivated and skilled remote workers for your business   
  • Increase your profit through sales and marketing efforts
  • Manage and retain a loyal and satisfied customer base
  • Execute your business strategies effectively through proper planning
  • Proactively define and solve problems to reduce waste (time, expenses, customers, people) 
  • Has the ability to sell effectively through the phone, webchat, and 
  • Possesses excellent customer service and technical skills
  • Develop products, systems, and people
  • Creative and design thinking skills
  • Excellent time and task management skills
  • Proactively spearhead projects that help improve processes within your business for your clients or customers
  • Handling accounts on their own – opening new channels for business
  • Organizational skills 
  • Computer skills
  • Photo and video editing skills
  • Coding skills
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Creative design


3. Filipinos are easy to train 

Filipinos are easy to train and they learn fast. You can save time and effort in teaching them the ropes in your business. 

Once you hire a Filipino remote worker, you will not have a hard time onboarding them on how to do their task. Sometimes by simply explaining and showing how things work in your business, expect them to perform and exceed goals daily, monthly, yearly. 

4. Filipinos are passionate about their craft and personal development 

Not only do they work hard and value every new learning they get, but they also won’t stop until they master their craft. Mastery is their drug.  Give them a few days to practice and you will be amazed by their progress. Furthermore, Filipinos value, appreciate, and act on the feedback you give. 

5. Filipinos are low-key competitive people

You’ve probably heard of how seriously Filipinos take global pageants and their representatives. That’s because they take pride in their fellow Filipinos. They are highly competitive and would take every chance they get to showcase their work if it means providing more for their family. 

In a remote work environment though, the greatest competition they have is themselves – their past achievements or their previous decision. Certainly, this behavior can prove to make one self-motivated. 

6. Filipinos are service-oriented 

Since most of them grew up with minimally appropriate means, the gift they give others isn’t materialistic. Thus, the level of service they provide reflects their belief in the golden rule  – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. They put their heart into all that they do. 

7. Filipinos are good active listeners

Filipinos are good listeners. And perhaps this is the reason why they can easily build rapport with people. They may sometimes be shy, but they are also good storytellers and give the right response with tact. 

8. Filipinos are friendly and caring

Filipinos are easy to get along with and it is not hard for other people to like them. 

Hiring friendly employees will add value to your company as their positive disposition can enthusiastically affect your customers’ view of your business. Moreover, they will take good care of your projects and your brand like they’re their own.

9. Filipinos are resilient

For good or bad – but mostly for the better, Filipinos are the most resilient people in the world. They easily get back up on their feet when they are bogged down by challenges and trials.  So, when you hire Filipino employees for a job, you hire someone who is strong-willed and will do whatever it takes to help you meet your business goals. When they fail, they get back up and do better.

10. Filipinos are extremely gifted people

Filipinos have the ability to copy the behavior and adapt well to situations fast. That’s because they believe that when they study real hard and focus their efforts in practice, they will get the results that they seek. 

Moreover, there were few jobs that required them to be creative. Technology made offshore staffing possible. Filipinos will use all their abilities and take every opportunity to learn new skills. 

People you choose to work for your business play a huge role in achieving your business goals, therefore, you should be wise in choosing who to hire and let in your company. 

If you’re convinced and decided on hiring offshore staff from the Philippines, you should seek the help of our expert recruitment specialists from Remote Staff so we can make the complicated process of hiring easy for you. 

Steer your business to the path of growth by building relationships you can rely on from the Philippines.


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