Everything You Need to Manage Your Remote Staff

Productivity Dashboard

Monitor your team’s activity. The Remote Staff Platform provides you with an overview of and an update on your staff’s work activities.

You will be able to view their task progress, computer screenshots, visual reports of computer application usage, and other productivity reports.

Online Time Sheet & Attendance

Your staff’s attendance is a good measure of your staff’s dependability and is a huge factor in promoting effective work collaboration. With the Remote Staff Platform, you can:

  • Know when your staff is in
  • Know when they’re on break
  • Know when they’ve finished work

Get more done for your business by using the Remote Staff Platform to monitor your team’s attendance.

Screen Shot Report

For transparency, we provide proof of your staff’s activity and output through the Remote Staff Platform.

Your staff’s computer screen is captured and recorded every three minutes. These screenshots are stored in the system and are available for viewing within the next 6 months.

Camera Shot (Optional)

If you prefer and if your remote staff consents, you can opt for webcam shots taken every three minutes.

By default, the webcam shot feature is off and can only be activated upon your request and the consent of your staff member.

Activity Tracker

By default, the app prompts your staff to fill in the activity tracker every 20 minutes.

You can view these tasks and access their activity tracker reports on specific dates on your Client Portal.

Application Usage

Do you want to know what computer applications and websites your staff access during their working hours? The Remote Staff Platform will provide you with a report of:

  • The top computer applications and websites they used during working hours
  • The time they have spent on these applications
  • More details about these applications and websites.

This record serves as a good indication of their activities and how they spend their time at work.

Internet Connection

How can you verify if your remote staff has a decent internet connection? With the Remote Staff Platform, you can monitor the quality of their connection in terms of consistency and speed.

You will also be notified when they’re having connectivity issues. This way, you’re better equipped to manage your team tasks better should connectivity problems occur.

Client Settings

Want to customize your settings for your operations? With the Remote Staff Platform, you can:

  • Change the time interval of the screen capture
  • Change the time interval activity tracker report
  • Turn off the screen capture
  • Turn off activity tracker monitoring
  • Turn off application monitoring
  • Turn on camera capture with approval from your staff

You can maximise these options depending on your team’s monitoring needs.

Work Diary Page

You can create and assign tasks for your team or individual team members – even if they’re in a different time zone! With our Work Diary Page, they can access and manage tasks via their Staff Portal even if you’re not there.

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