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8 Ways to Celebrate Employee Achievements

Do you ever feel like having a drink after a long day’s work? Or maybe having dinner at your favourite restaurant to treat yourself for waking up early today? Regardless of small or big wins, celebrating makes you feel happier and more motivated.

Try applying this in the workplace. Imagine a team or a company that gives importance to every achievement and thrives on small and big wins. In any business, recognizing employee achievement can be a good thing as it nurtures your employee’s confidence to get things done not only on time but also in a standard you want. This has a long-term positive effect to your business’ overall performance.

A study done by O.C Tanner Company, reveals that 80% of employees quit their jobs due to feelings of underappreciation. Regardless of the given tasks, employees would love to know that they have contributed something to the company. So find time to celebrate your employees’ achievements. Here are some ways you can do this and you don’t even have to break the bank:

1. Give shout-outs

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Appreciation starts with recognition. When an employee hits a goal or surpasses it, take the time to give a shout-out for his or her accomplishment. You can do this during one of your meetings where the employee is present. Sending a group message on your chat group to congratulate the employee may also work. Shout-outs are a great way to ensure that everyone’s achievements are recognized and celebrated by the whole company. They motivate everyone to do well at their tasks to earn the spotlight. 

2. Pay it forward

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Instead of rewarding the employee for a great job, you can help them pay it forward by providing the opportunity to give back to the community. It’s like spreading good vibes and good fortune around. Your team can try community outreach programs like volunteering at feeding programs for the homeless, at animal shelters, and homes for the aged. 

3. Hold an end-of-week celebration

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You don’t have to stop at simply recognizing your employee’s achievement. End the workweek on a positive note by celebrating the employee milestone with food and drinks. With less COVID restrictions in place and more people vaccinated, you can do more in-person celebrations. Throw a party, organize a game or movie night, or hit the karaoke bar. If you still feel unsafe being out and about, you can still share food and drinks, play games, watch a movie, or do karaoke virtually.   

4. Give major end-of-year awards

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Set the bar high by giving out higher level, yearly awards for the real movers and shakers in your company. You can ask help from the other managers by getting them to nominate their fellow co-workers for the awards. Handing out trophies or medals are nice, but since these awards are on a different level, throw in a monetary bonus or an out-of-the-country trip. Present the awards during an official company event to add to the prestige factor. 

5. Give small gifts and cards

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You can try a more personalized approached when commending your employees for their significant contribution. Send them a handwritten thank-you card along with a small gift, such as a coffee mug or a gift card. These inexpensive yet meaningful tokens of appreciation are enough to put a smile on an employee’s face and make them feel show them valued in the company. 

6. Consider for promotion

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Employee achievements are an indication of growth. When employees do an outstanding job, take the chance to speak with them about their career plans. Ask them about the next steps they want to take in their career or about new responsibilities they want to take on. If there is an opportunity, promote your star performers as it’s not every day that you get to find one in your team. Don’t let them go. 

7. Offer additional training or education opportunities

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If there is not opportunity for a promotion, you can offer further training or education. This way you tie your employees’ accomplishments with their career goals. Maybe they want to pursue a postgraduate degree or attend an expensive training program. Help them achieve these goals by providing them  with financial assistance or introducing them to exclusive training programs or influential mentors. 

8. Give premium company merchandise

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Make your movers and shakers feel extra special by giving them premium company merchandise. Instead of giving them the basic coffee mug, give them a high-quality tumbler. Skip the cheap pen and buy them something a bit pricier. If you have the budget for it, a personalised wristwatch would be nice, too. 

Here at Remote Staff, we understand the important role recognition plays in increasing your retention rate. We can help you build and maintain a healthy working relationship with your Filipino remote workers. If you are interested, schedule a callback with us or give us a call.

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