Hire Filipino Remote Workers with Confidence.

We have been exclusively hiring Filipino remote staff for over 13 years. We’ll match you with talented, home-based Filipino remote contractors, and support you both to ensure a successful and enduring working relationship. Full-time and part-time working arrangements available.

We have over 13 years experience in finding great people for the following roles:


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Front End

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Data Entry

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Graphic Designers

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Virtual Assistants

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PHP Developers

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Why Remote Working is More Successful with Remote Staff

Why Choose Remote Staff

Gain Advantage In Hiring
Through Remote Staff

You receive a shortlist of pre-qualified and tested candidates as required by your business. You can immediately interview and hire the right people for your team.

Ongoing Support

When you hire a virtual Filipino contactor via Remote Staff, successful placement is just the beginning . Our Customer Success Team will support you and your staff in bridging cultural and communication gaps so remote working in harmony can happen over the long term.


We Set You Up for Success

We have a deep understanding and respect for the Filipino people and culture. We understand how they live and communicate. We help you develop specific skills to work with them within that context to ensure an ongoing successful and trusting working relationship.

Happier Workers

Happier workers are more productive. Our remote contractors are all self-employed professionals and adequately supported by our structure. This model reduces the risks associated with self-employment, but gives workers all the benefits, such as the flexibility of working from home. We also provide payroll guarantee and fair wages, giving them the peace of mind to focus on their work.


Technology that Creates Trust

Our purpose-built technology platform helps you set and manage tasks, monitor your team, and validate hours worked, taking away the anxieties and trust issues sometimes associated with remote work.

Compliance and Admin

We take care of statutory obligations and compliance to Philippine regulators to ensure your remote contractors are being looked after so they can look after your business and customers.

Payroll Services That Eliminates The Worries For Both You and the Remote Contractor

Payroll is a time consuming process . We keep track of proven working hours and monitor attendance to allow you and your virtual staff to spend more time on adding value to your business.

We handle all of the Philippine government mandated contributions and tax withholding. Our payroll guarantee removes workers’ anxieties about getting paid . Our billing system eliminates the worries that come with hiring an offshore remote workers.


We Are your People Partner For The Life Of Your Working Relationship

We’re in this for the long haul. We partner with you long term, to ensure more impact and better value within your remote working relationship.

We’ve worked with over 3,000 employers and created fulfilling work
for over 8,000 Filipino workers since 2007

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