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Hire a Content Writer from the Philippines with a variety of experience and skill set levels

Entry level

$4 - $7

per hourWith your proper guidance and sufficient research materials, our Writer could immediately start writing a wide variety of topics for multiple platforms and content executions such as website, blogs, articles, social updates, banners, case studies, guides, white papers, etc.

Mid level

$7 - $9

per hourAble to perform independent research on industry-related topics and identify customers’ needs and gaps in your contents and recommend strategies. Aside from writing different types of contents, the web content writer from the Philippines can coordinate with marketing and design teams for illustrations and promote the contents on social media.

Why hire a Writer from Remote Staff?

Our 2016/2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that 97% of clients were satisfied with our services. Here are the top 6 points that mattered to them most:

Industry Experience

Since 2007 we’ve helped over 2,000 SME’s realise their full potential by placing over 8,000 professionals in remote or in-office roles.

Recruitment Service

We have a steadfast focus on talent acquisition and our recruitment is our flagship service. Our Western-trained, Manila-based team headhunts quality hires through our exclusive networks and our 150,000+ candidate database. We access top talent that no one else can.

Fairest Pricing

We are unbeatable when it comes from price position and never compromise on quality. We can offer these prices as we pay remote staff fair local rates (not inflated ‘Westerner’ prices) and we keep our own service fees down.

Remote Working Technology

At your fingerprints, know when and what your team is working on. All staff log into our custom-built remote working platform for full security and accountability. We build trust and confidence through full transparency; 3 minute screen shots, computer app usage reports + more. View live, receive reports to your inbox or have your Account Manager keep check.

Staff Monitoring Team – Unique To Remote Staff

We 100% protect your investment in energy, time and money when working with Filipino staff. Our monitoring team validates working activity and worked hours through our own technology. For those who work in our office, Western office managers are also on duty.

Ongoing Support

Key to your sustainable offshoring success and ROI, we deliver a full range of ongoing support that helps you maintain high performing remote teams. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing and help you get results sooner. Service include end-to-end Payroll, HR, IT, Legal and Compliance.

10 popular ways our clients are using their Writers

  • Create original and engaging content
  • Develop text for website and print resources
  • Proofread and edit
  • Familiarity with article / business / technical writing
  • Write Social Media text
  • Familiarity with creating SEO-rich content
  • Knowledge of business, sales, and marketing
  • Social media proficiency
  • Familiarity with writing and publishing software
  • English language proficiency

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Secure a reliable staffing solution that works and lasts.

Slash your staffing costs by up-to 70%.

Hire the top quality staff for your business through our full service recruitment.

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