Recruiting for a better fit – Process Diagram

Terms of Hire Overview

We understand that small to medium businesses have limited resources, and a lot struggle to find the talent they need. Fortunately, we have hiring options for every stage of your business’ evolution:

  • Full-time (8 hours a day)
  • Part-time (4 hours a day)

We’ve got arrangements to suit all your long-term staffing needs.
The only arrangement we don’t currently accommodate is short-term, project based work as we want to offer our remote workers more stable working conditions

Terminations and Commitment Conditions:

  • You can terminate a working arrangement with a 24-hour notice within the first 30 days of hiring;
  • A two weeks’ notice will be required after the first 30 days;
  • Pending a 72-hour internal investigation, you can also immediately terminate a working arrangement due to :
    • The remote contractor’s failure to repair or upgrade their equipment, software or Internet connection as agreed;
    • The remote contractor’s lack of a suitable remote working environment;

Data Privacy , Non-Disclosure and Administration

  • We are an incorporated and duly registered company in both the Philippines and Australia. You and your Filipino contractors can rest assured that our contracts cover all bases in looking after both of you.
  • Our contract with Filipino contractors covers Non-Disclosure , Data Retention and Data Destruction.
  • We take care of all payroll and administrative services, particularly those associated with Philippine mandated benefits, statutory obligations and withholding taxes.

Payment Terms That Keep Our Remote Working Landscape Fair

Proven Work Hours

Your remote contractors will be required to log in to the Remote Staff Platform—our in-house remote work monitoring tool. This platform enables 100% transparency by logging all of your Filipino staff’s working hours,so you can rest assured that you will only be paying for proven work hours—no more, no less.

No Work, No Pay Policy

You will only be charged for your remote staff’s logged worked hours. Unused hours will be credited back to you.

Unused Hours Is Credited in the Following Month

Unused hours are credited to the following month’s tax invoice or if the credit is unconsumed, it can be fully refunded within 72 hours upon request.

We’ve Successfully Helped Clients and Businesses Like You

Don’t Leave Your Recruiting to Chance

We already know what to look for when sourcing capable and productive remote contractors committed to a long-term remote working career.

At our initial 20-minute discovery call, we will discuss:

  • The nature of your business;
  • Your staffing / role requirements;
  • The roles’ expected outcome;
  • Your ideal start date for the role;
  • The level of commitment you need (Full time and Part time);
  • How we can help you fulfill your staffing needs.

Are you ready to see what we can do for you? Let’s get started.

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