Ongoing Support

What to Expect After Hiring Via Remote Staff

Most recruitment companies stop supporting you as soon as a candidate is placed in the client’s required role. When you hire a Filipino virtual staff via Remote Staff, that’s just the beginning of a long and fruitful working relationship.

All good relationships are built on trust, especially when you are not working in the same space, country, or time zone. You will simply need more support to ensure that everyone is doing the right thing and the right partner can support you to easily and effectively deal with concerns as they arise.

Our ongoing support is key to create a happy and secure working relationship. As soon as you have chosen a Filipino virtual staff , we will help them set up to work with you via our technology on the Remote Staff Platform and provide the following services:

For You

  • Ongoing sourcing and recruitment of qualified candidates as need arise;
  • A dedicated Lead Account Officer to support you;
  • Attendance monitoring;
  • Computer usage reports;
  • Screenshot reports;
  • Proof of hours worked;
  • Payroll management and administration;
  • Australian invoice ;
  • Handling of Philippine statutory requirements and withholding taxes.

The Lead Account team ensures that the working relationship between our clients and remote contractors remains smooth amidst any cultural differences between Australian and the Filipino staff members. They also handle the Filipino remote workers’ issues, queries, or requests, and ensure the following benefits:

For Filipino Remote Workers

  • They won’t need to develop their own reporting and proof of work systems, given Remote Staff’s proprietary monitoring technology.
  • Our local corporate payroll process and payroll guarantee eliminate any payroll anxieties.
    The Lead Account Officer resolves any miscommunication issues, among other things, that may arise.
  • We take care of all Philippine statutory requirements and government-mandated contributions.
  • We have a redeployment program in place to ensure our contractors’ work stability should their existing contracts come to an end.

Why Remote Working is More Successful with Remote Staff

Watch Apreel’s Story. She has been working with 1 of our clients for over 11 years.

Receive Access to Our Purpose-Built Remote Working Skills Development Program

To set you up for success, we’ve created a purpose-built Remote Working Skills Development Program for both our clients and remote contractors. The program includes the following topics:

For Employers

  • Create a positive work culture where your remote team share a purpose and trust each other;
  • Plan your process and select tools and technology for effective communication;
  • Set goals, clarify expectations, and plan for achievement;
  • Foster collaboration and design opportunities for social interactions for higher engagement;
  • Earn your Filipino workers’ loyalty and respect by helping them grow professionally.

For Remote Workers

  • How to effectively work remotely with an international client;
  • How to be productive working from home;
  • Understanding international client culture and expectations;
  • Using collaboration tools for effective communication via different media;
  • Developing and exercising initiative to be a proactive remote worker;
  • Understanding how to utilize the Remote Staff platform.