Oct 27

The No.1 Reason Remote Staff Could Be The Offshore Company For You

The survival of any offshore company will depend on how well it is able to service the needs of its clients. Factors include the ability to offer dependable and reasonably-priced services, and how they establish customer loyalty over time. For us, dedication to client services extends beyond this. Unlike our competitors, Remote Staff is an offshore company that invests in our clients’ success.

But really, how do we, as a leading Filipino offshore company, manage to successfully make outsourced staffing solutions work for your business? With 9 years of experience under our belt and having placed over 7,000 professionals, we have the strategies that work.

Our most successful strategy, however, is that we put you, our client, at the heart of everything that we do. We invest in your success up front because we know that together, we can make outsourcing work for you.

Customer-Focused Technology
With our clients in focus, Remote Staff has invested an enormous amount of time, effort, and money to develop a wide array of operational and technological systems to ensure that all of your remote staff team members are accountable and are working in a transparent environment.

As a leading offshore company, we utilize our custom-built IT platform in a variety of ways to maximize productivity and provide you with peace of mind. Your investment in time and effort is 100% protected.

We have a strict ‘No Work, No Pay’ policy, and you are only billed for the hours of proven work. Unlike working directly with a freelancer, these hours are validated by us through sophisticated tracking and management technology.

Our compliance team live-monitors staff through 3-minute screenshots, online timesheets, work activity logs and website and computer application usage tracking tools.

By using online timesheets and digitizing other components of the service from payroll to invoices, we’ve simplified things to make the process easier for you. We believe these to be the essential elements of any client-focussed offshore company.

However, the fact of the matter is that technology only represents 25% of what makes remote staffing solutions work for our clients. Where we invest most in our clients is with recruitment because we strongly believe that finding the right people is key to the success of your business.

Quality Custom Recruitment
When deciding which offshore company to partner with, recruitment plays an important role.

Recruitment is a vital and valued pillar of our success strategy and that’s why we are willing to invest up to $3000 in your business, by taking on all upfront recruiting costs.

We’ve also invested plenty in our Western-trained 36-strong recruiting team that is based in Manila. Our team takes the time to understand your needs. After writing job ads from scratch, we then pay for advertising across major online job boards.

We headhunt through our extensive referral network, alumni lists, connecting with top schools and our own 130,000+ database (this is actually how we find nearly 60% of hires).

Once selected, we thoroughly screen candidates through interviews, the IBM/Kenexa/‘Prove It’ skills test, background checks, home visits and more. And our recruitment service doesn’t stop at just handing over a shortlist; we schedule and attend the interviews and provide work-from-home professional training for successful candidates.

When you partner with us as your offshore company, you will never have to pay for recruitment costs while working online with your staff via the Remote Staff platform.

We place a huge investment in terms of recruiting value in your business and in fact, it takes us 5 months+ before we are able to recoup our costs. We are totally invested in making your remote staffing solution a complete success. Totally invested.

That’s why we believe, we could be the right offshore company for you.

Give our business strategist Walter a call on +612 8073 4142 (Int’l) or 1300 363 572 (AU Only) to find out more.

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