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Remote Staff: Outsourcing Services You Can Trust – 2 Min. Read

When you first discover outsourcing services, it is easy to get excited about the concept especially if the solutions companies provide can be financially beneficial to your business. However, upon closer inspection, many prospective clients feel unsure when considering working in a remote landscape, thereby deterring them from availing of advantageous outsourcing services.

From our 9 years of industry experience, we’ve found that common questions regarding outsourcing services do pop up:

  • Are the staff reliable?
  • Can I trust them?
  • How do I know that they are actually working?

In addition to the above and with the explosion of the BPO market in the Philippines, it can be difficult to decide which outsourcing services partner to choose. We’d love to take the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves.

Founded in 2007, Remote Staff is an Australian-owned company with a unique business model for outsourcing services. We have a strong focus on recruitment, customer service and helping you implement proven strategies for offshoring success.

Through the years, Remote Staff, by virtue of experience, has been able to identify ways to mitigate the risks that clients face when outsourcing services to the Philippines. We have helped thousands of international companies find reliable remote professionals and have provided thousands of jobs to highly competent Filipino talent.

What can you expect from Remote Staff?

1. Nationwide Talent Pool

Finding the right people is never easy. By offering both in-office and home-based employment opportunities, Remote Staff is able to access the best talent in the Philippines enabling it to provide quality outsourcing services.

Aside from 130,000+ pre-screened candidates, their recruitment team also accesses exclusive alumni lists, professional contacts, and online job boards to find the right people for various roles.

2. Customized Outsourcing Services

Remote Staff understands that every client’s needs are different and this is why the in-house recruitment team customizes the process to suit these requirements.

Clients brief the recruiters of their requirements and the team then goes through the different recruiting channels to generate a quality shortlist of viable candidates.

3. Effective Monitoring Technology

We have custom-built monitoring technologies that provide clients with an easy method of checking in on their remote staff. One of the reasons why companies are hesitant to work with remote professionals is because they are unsure as to whether or not these employees are working productively within their shifts.

As a way to encourage employers to give outsourcing services a try, Remote Staff services always include active live monitoring, staff management tools, 3-minute screenshots, and other workflow applications that show employers what their staff is doing and how much time they are spending per task.

And for those still wondering, here are some answers to our common questions:

  • Are the staff reliable?

Yes, Remote Staff subcontractors are carefully screened prior to shortlisting. They are also subjected to various skills tests and are monitored by our recruitment team for maximum productivity.

  • Can I trust them?

Our recruiting team can find you reliable, trustworthy candidates with vetted credentials. Also, all subcontractors sign our Code of Conduct ensuring that your business will be protected and practices kept confidential.

  • How do I know that they are actually working?

We have a wide variety of work management tools from screenshots to camera shots that ensure your staff are working their assigned shifts and solely on your company’s projects. We also have a team that live monitors remote staff.

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