Oct 27

Find a Virtual Secretary in Just 4 Steps – 2 Min. Read

Do you feel like you need to be cloned (maybe you just need a virtual secretary)? Would you love more time for your core business or have a little bit of time left over at the end of a day? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a trusty sidekick, a dependable virtual secretary, to whom you can delegate work tasks without worry?

Enter the world of a virtual secretary! He or she can manage your appointments, manage your calendar, handle administrative work, make travel arrangements, answer phone calls and emails, and help you manage other important admin tasks. If it can be done over the internet, your virtual secretary can do it! Free time up your time for more complex projects.

If you need a virtual secretary yet are unsure of the remote staffing landscape, here is something that may ease your mind. Our 9 years of comprehensive experience has given us tested strategies that will mitigate your risk and ensure that remote staffing will indeed work for your business.

The home-based online working environment is perfect for your virtual secretary. Through the virtual world, everything can be accomplished, she/he can access important files in an instant, research, and plan events and you can also contact your virtual secretary via Skype when need be.

Calendar management is also a breeze and every scheduled appointment or meeting can be synced with your preferred mobile device. Easy peasy.

With no upfront costs, Remote Staff can perform customized recruitment on your behalf. If you need a virtual secretary with specific skills, we’ll headhunt through our exclusive professional networks, alumni lists, and job boards. We’ll schedule interviews with you and the best Filipino talent available.

To make the process of hiring remote staffers even easier for you, here’s our guide to finding a great virtual secretary:

1. Be clear about the role you need to be filled

When briefing us about your virtual secretary needs, the more detail and clarity you can provide us with, the better. Don’t forget, we are here to help. If you need assistance with this, our Western-trained recruiting team can help you identify the responsibilities, qualifications, and qualities that define the role.

2. Browse our pre-screened candidates at your own pace

Aside from external recruitment networks, we also have a database of over 130,000+ pre-screened and Kenexa-tested candidates that you can browse through. Take a look at hundreds of Virtual Secretary resumes, see all our recruiting notes, and even listen to audio recordings of our talent. Found what you’re looking for? Let our recruiting team know and they’ll quickly organize an interview.

3. Receive a shortlist of candidates

Our recruitment team will work tirelessly to find you the perfect virtual secretary for your specific needs. In an average time of up to 3 days, you will receive a list of custom recruited candidates, direct to your inbox. An account manager will contact you and go through each profile and you decide who you’d like to interview.

4. Interview candidates

Your account manager will schedule interviews on your behalf and attend and facilitate every single one of these ensuring that you get the support you require. They are experienced in the remote working landscape and will be by your side the entire time. The final decision will be completely up to you. Hire now, boost your business and capitalize on the Remote Staff advantage.

In our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we found that 87% of our clients were happy with their hires. It’s something we are really proud of as we know that finding the right people is the key to business success.

P.S. Don’t forget, if for whatever reason we didn’t get it right, there’s no need to worry as we will replace your virtual secretary at no cost, within the first six months.

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