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Five Reasons Why Every Company Should Invest in Business Writing

Five Reasons Why Every Company Should Invest in Business Writing

A good writer can take you places. With just a single paragraph, you could find yourself in another country or experiencing a new culture. That’s what a good story does: connect with its readers and make them feel part of something exciting.

However, writing isn’t just exclusive to fiction. It also plays a crucial part in the selling cycle and by extension, in business. By definition, business writing is “a targeted form of writing that is designed to facilitate clear communication between organisations, peers, and their customers.”

This includes sales and marketing materials, social media promotions, customer service communication, reports and presentations. In short, writing is indispensable to business.

Ironically, despite its crucial importance, many organisations neglect to give it its due. While it’s true that companies spend for (virtual) team building, skills training, and educational courses, hardly anyone ever conducts business writing workshops.

In their defense, most employers rely on basic writing that has been taught in school already. Plus, some companies subscribe to Grammarly.

However, business writing is another story. It’s one of the most important business skills and here are five reasons why:

It Drives Sales

It Drives Sales

Effective marketing campaigns sway many consumers. However, eye-catching graphics alone won’t cut it. The right words still make all the difference, no matter how short the copy may be.

In other words, poorly-written advertisements won’t ever achieve the desired reaction from your target audience. Worse, they can even create a bad first impression for your brand. I mean, who would support a brand that can’t even churn out a coherent ad? Yikes.

It Boosts Brand Image

It Boosts Brand Image

Speaking of brand reputation, today’s customers are especially critical of the products and services around them. With so much information at their fingertips, it’s so easy to Google a brand before purchasing.

And where do they end up? On your social media account and web pages, of course.

Thus, having valuable and well-written content on all your social media accounts is a must. At the very least, your customers must clearly understand what you do and how they can reach you.

If your messaging is clear and concise, converting engagement levels into sales will be much easier.

It Improves Productivity


Did you know that many employees struggle with emails? Aside from the number of inquiries they have to respond to, they often agonise over constructing the right message.

Helping your employees upskill shouldn’t exclude their writing skills. When your staff gets better at business writing, they can work faster and communicate ideas better. Their reports and presentations also become clearer, resulting in fewer errors and less miscommunication.

It Develops Quality Management

It Develops Quality Management

Good writing isn’t only useful for employees. It’s equally important for managers to be good communicators and writers. When managers produce clear directives, it’s easier for the team members to understand (and produce) the results expected of them.

Furthermore, many employee-employer conflicts arise because of poor communication. These can be minimised and managed with effective written communication skills. And who wouldn’t want a more harmonious working relationship and peaceful work environment?

It Helps Retain Employees

It Helps Retain Employees

Employees appreciate companies who can help them improve personally and professionally. Effective writing skills are crucial and severely underrated for success. Hence, when you help your staff upskill theirs, you also equip them for better opportunities.

When your remote workers feel valued, chances are they will be even more motivated to contribute to the organisation. After all, finding fulfillment at work is one of the biggest reasons why employees stay.


No business can thrive without effective writing. Not an expert writer? Don’t worry, you can always tap someone who is. Fortunately, Remote Staff has been helping many AU SME’s do just that for the last 14 years and counting.

We provide skilled remote writers from the Philippines to assist Australian entrepreneurs, so whether you need a talented copywriter or even an entire team, we’ve got you covered.

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