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Six Strategies That Make Good Employees Stay (Aside From A Bigger Paycheck)

Six Strategies That Make Good Employees Stay (Aside From A Bigger Paycheck)

Finding the right people is easier than ever. You don’t really have to place ads in newspapers or put up a sign board outside your office anymore. Today, just sharing a job opening online can result in several inquiries and applications.

Although hiring is theoretically faster and easier, retaining key talents is another matter. While stability remains important to most, new research has shown that employees’ priorities have changed.

Right now, work flexibility all but tops the list. The Boston Consulting Group recently conducted a study and an overwhelming 89 percent of the respondents said that they would like the flexibility to work from anywhere. This is on top of the 64 percent who expressed their preference for flexible working hours.

Therefore, work flexibility is worth considering if you’re crafting work policies for your teams. If nothing else, it’s worth embracing as an integral part of the new normal.

Whether you’re running an existing organisation or are just starting to build a business, you need to excel in two major areas to become an attractive employer: having a thoughtful remote working strategy and building a value-based culture.

Let’s take a look.

Thoughtful Remote Work Strategy

Consider What Works Per Role


There’s no one-size-fits-all policy that you can apply to both your onsite employees and distributed teams. Instead, be thoughtful and intentional with your strategy.

For example, before you decide to hire a remote employee for a certain position, evaluate the nature of the job first. Can it be done remotely? Or would the worker need to report to the office every once in a while? Will they be working closely with a few team members? And would these members be working remotely as well?

If it turns out that the work can’t be done remotely, you’re better off hiring someone who lives in the area and can regularly come into the office. Otherwise, feel free to hire a qualified remote worker from another country. *wink* *wink*

Provide Structure AND Flexibility


It’s always advisable to make your expectations clear to your employees. However, micromanaging can stifle their creativity and potential. So, why not try laying down a few non-negotiables and then giving them flexibility in however else they’ll deliver?

Meanwhile, you can provide benefits and additional incentives for remote teams with jobs that aren’t exactly remote-friendly. For example, those in sales positions can’t always avoid meeting clients in person. Therefore, rewarding your sales reps with monetary gifts or bonuses can go a long way to make up for them having to show up to such meetings.

Equip Your Team With The Right Tools


Remote collaboration has never been easier thanks to the latest software tools. Companies all over the world have managed to thrive because of countless video conferencing apps and project management platforms.

Your employees will need the right platform and tools to excel in the remote work setup. You can also offer virtual learning solutions and adopt new collaboration tools to make things easier for them.

Value-Based Culture

Take A Stand On Hot-Button Issues


Companies used to shy away from polarising issues to protect their image. However, recent studies have shown that it does the opposite. Consumers are actually more likely to support businesses that take a stand on important issues. The same goes for your employees.

Hence, don’t be afraid to make your stance known on issues that are relevant to your industry. Aside from the goodwill and publicity it could foster among your customers, it’s also another way to attract like-minded employees.

Provide Holistic Help


Believe it or not, good employees can still turn down a seemingly irresistible job offer with a hefty paycheck. Many workers are prioritising a good work-life balance, especially after the past year. Many now find it easier to say no to jobs that offer little more than a good salary.

If you really want to hire and retain the best talents, invest in their holistic wellbeing. Offer mental health support to help them deal with stress. Sponsor their training to help them improve their craft. If you have the budget for it, you might want to upgrade insurance coverage too.

Encourage Virtual Connections

Encourage Virtual Connections

Your remote team has to feel like, well, a team. Cultivate camaraderie by providing direct communication channels and facilitating group check-ins. Virtual team huddles, even if they’re kept short and sweet, are also an option.

Maintaining a good working relationship with and among your employees always pays off. Building trust and respect won’t just make employees feel valued and appreciated. It’ll also make them more likely to stay.

Taking care of your employees goes beyond giving them the right compensation. It also involves quite a bit of innovation and communication on your part. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll never go wrong investing in your onsite and remote workers’ well-being.

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