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Five Ways Social Media Can Positively Impact Your Business

Five Ways Social Media Can Positively Impact Your Business

Social media plays an important role in relationship-building. (Duh.) 

Seriously, though, there’s no denying how it changed the way we communicate, especially with our loved ones. So much so that even the most social media-shy among us have long joined the bandwagon. How else will they stay in touch with everyone else otherwise?

And as the number of online users increased, it’s only natural that the business pages also followed suit. 

Think about it. With billions of users worldwide, you can easily reach thousands of people in just a few clicks. If you happen to have catchy content, you could turn those thousands into millions real quick – and make money off them too. 

Hence, if you have yet to maximise social media for your business needs, you’re missing out and you need to pay more attention. The following, for instance, are just five ways that social media can positively affect your business: 

Omni Channel Customer Service

Omni Channel Customer Service
Customers want constant interaction with the businesses that they buy from, especially if they have concerns and clarifications. While email marketing is still important, social media is often more efficient. 

If your customers have questions regarding your product, they can always send you a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. If you set up a chatbot properly, you can ensure that they get immediate responses to FAQ’s – without you (or your social media manager) having to reply to each one individually. 

Providing different channels for customer service can go a long way in establishing customer relationships. Plus, customers love being able to reach out to your company or brand any time, any day. What’s not to love?

Wider Reach, Bigger Audience 

Wider Reach, Bigger Audience

Prior to social media, businesses relied on traditional advertising and marketing. Huge companies often had the edge because they had millions to spend on TV commercials and print ads. Hence, it was almost impossible for small businesses and start-ups to bring their products and services into the public’s consciousness. 

But social media helped even the playing field. Today, even a newbie business owner can reach out to and cultivate a huge following. I mean, look at all those viral posts on Facebook and Twitter with millions of views. Take Billy’s Donuts for example. 

That’s how powerful social media can be – if you (or someone you hire) can use it properly. 

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing

Speaking of viral tweets, social media is a great source of word of mouth marketing, which is especially coveted because it’s quite organic. After all, people are naturally inclined to rave about a new product or service to their friends and family. 

And once they post reviews and photos on their personal accounts, the ones in their circle are likely to try the products or services out themselves. 

If you have customers who enjoy what you offer, they will probably tag your business when they post about their experience. However, they might need a reminder to do so every now and then. This is where a constant social media presence comes in. 

As long as you stay consistent with your content and continue to engage with your audience, your loyal customers are more likely to spread the word about your brand online and offline. You won’t even need to pay a celebrity to do it for you. 

Instant Customer Feedback 

Instant Customer Feedback 

Without social media, collecting customer feedback is more challenging. You will have to conduct surveys, cold calls, and even personal interviews. With it, you can ask your customers a question directly AND they can reply to you instantaneously. 

Aside from these direct interactions, you can easily eavesdrop on what your customers are saying about your brand. I’m talking about positive tweets, shared posts, and comments related to your business. 

And if there’s a pressing issue or negative feedback, you can also address it immediately. How’s that for pre-emptive measures?

A Boost for Brand Loyalty 

A Boost for Brand Loyalty 
Loyal customers build strong businesses. If you take a look at your market, you will realize that the bulk of your sales are from repeat customers. These are the people who already know and most importantly, enjoy your products and services. 

Whenever you share quality content, it sparks interest, adds value, and reinforces brand loyalty. Why? Customers simply warm towards companies that know – and cater to- their interests and wants. 

Aside from pivoting towards trending topics, invest in good graphic design. Sometimes, all it takes to stand out amidst all the posts on social media is a good visual. 


Social media is a great platform for growing your brand but don’t forget that it’s not just about developing and sharing high-quality content. You should also be ready to back that up with excellent products and services, as well as great customer service to complete the experience. 

Not sure about where to start? We’ve got you covered. 

Remote Staff has been helping many Australian entrepreneurs scale faster since 2007. With our talented remote workers from the Philippines, we can match you with the right team for producing quality posts and excellent customer service to help grow your brand’s presence online. 

So call us today or schedule a call back and let’s get started. 

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