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Three Benefits Social Media Can Bring Your Business

Three Benefits Social Media Can Bring Your Business

The power of social media is undeniable. I’m sure you’ve read about brands going viral over a witty post or an organisation getting cancelledt over an insensitive tweet. These days, social media can indeed make or break a business.

However, NOT being on social media is out of the question. If your business isn’t on it, you may as well not exist. Social media platforms can connect you to your loyal followers and open up more opportunities for a larger market base. Maintaining a social media account is also way cheaper than traditional advertising platforms.

Thus you can find most organisations and brands on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Some even have accounts on TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn. With both big businesses and SME’s on social media, there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t be as well.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the major benefits that being on social media can bring your business:

Useful Social Media Analytics

Useful Social Media Analytics

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, social media analytics refer to the data comprising various parameters such as social media traffic, engagement, and referrals. These built-in tools help you gauge the number of page visitors, post reactions, and follower actions.

One of the best features on social media, particularly Facebook, is the share button. This also allows you to see how many people viewed and shared your posts, as well as what these users are saying about them. Eventually, you can identify which types of posts garner the most reactions and interactions, and in turn, produce more of these to drive engagement and conversions.

Social media giants have also launched business account settings which help you connect your website and email so your followers can reach you anytime and anywhere.

Enhanced Brand Image


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when coming up with a social media content plan, especially if you have so many products and services to offer. Which one/s should you prioritise? How often should you post? What type of content should you focus on?

This is why a good strategy, consistency, and great graphic design are important. You can also refer to social media analytics to see which posts have high engagement to try and create similar content to replicate results in the future.

To boost your social engagement and presence, you can do the following. First, improve your quality of posts. Second, promptly respond to comments and answer messages for better customer service. Third, maximise your content’s performance by timing when you post them.

How do these steps help your branding? Well, most customers are very active on social media. Rolling out consistent content and being responsive to queries will keep your brand in their view. Remember, consumers tend to check social media reviews and comments first before buying a product or trying a service. This is your chance to put your best foot forward and really stand out without shelling out too much cash.

Expanded Reach


Given enough time and consistency, one (or more) of your future posts could go viral. When this happens, you’ll surely reach millions of people who will be interested in (and are willing to buy) what you have to offer.

Until then, work on your online visibility. Post frequent content about your products, any new offers, discounts, and glowing customer reviews. You can also make use of videos, surveys, and random questions to further engage with your followers.

Social media has leveled the playing field for SME’s to position their brands as among the best in the industry. Apart from showcasing your products, valuable and relevant posts which showcase your company’s values and objectives, especially in relation to hot-button social issues (when appropriate), can expand your reach. Customers, especially millennials and Gen-Z’ers, tend to support brands that support a good cause.

Social media is inherently, well, social. Therefore, it makes it easier for people to share insights, experiences, and product recommendations via such. Now that most people are relying heavily on the internet to get things done, there’s no better time to take your business online.

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