Oct 17

Here’s Why You Should Encourage Your Team to Rock the Boat at Work

Most managers seek harmony in the workplace. But if you’re truly after better business outcomes, rocking the boat at work isn’t so bad once in a while. 

Effective diversity management is not always a recipe for harmony, after all. 

Since employees come from different backgrounds, there will inevitably be clashes in opinions, ideas, and values

They will argue and dispute things, but that’s all part of the package if you want to cultivate creativity, robustness, innovation, or peak performance at work. 

Veer Away From the Quest for Harmony 


Sure, creating a pleasant work environment is great and well, necessary. But the lack of constructive dissent can also stifle creativity. 

When managers focus too much on harmony at all costs, the decisions of the majority prevail. As a result, regular members aren’t encouraged (or expected) to contribute their unique ideas as it will disrupt the majority’s opinion.

Important decisions are often left to the team’s “experts”. This often ends up in the same approach to different problems. Eventually, this can lead to mediocre results. 

Give Voice to Your Talents 

Give Voice to Your Talents

The best and brightest employees often thrive in a dynamic and challenging workplace where they can speak their minds – even if not everyone will want to hear what they have to say. 

Hence, if you want to recruit and retain top talent, give them the chance to speak up, lest you miss out on their unique perspectives. 

With the advent of technology and the rise of social media, businesses have to be more creative than ever. To make it, you need everyone to bring their unique points of view to the table. 

This won’t happen if you would only listen to the majority. Having a diverse team doesn’t stop at recruitment. It’s not just about inclusion either. 

Rather, it’s about getting the right people, bringing them to the table, and allowing each one to contribute. 

Rocking the Boat in the Workplace

Rocking the Boat in the Workplace

While rocking the boat can sound disruptive, it can be quite the opposite if you know how to facilitate it properly. 

According to research, cognitive diversity in the workplace is an essential ingredient in better problem-solving, quality decisions, high performance, and even increased productivity. 

These are brought by the tension created by team members who approach problems from genuine yet unique points of view. It opens up more options and it helps the management produce the best possible outcome for the entire organisation. 

However, at the core of this approach is the understanding that diversity management shouldn’t be compromised in favor of harmony. 

The Role of Effective Managers 


While diversity is exciting and promising, a poorly managed diverse team is a recipe for chaos, conflict, and confusion

Hence, you’ll need an emphatic and open-minded leader in place to make the most out of it. 

This leader must discern that rocking the boat is perfectly natural when you allow team members to share different perspectives and interpretations. 


Boat rocking should no longer be seen as a dysfunction, especially in a hyper-competitive digital world. Instead, it has become part of an adaptive management strategy if a company wants to stay ahead. 

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