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Remote Staff- Effective, Efficient, & Dependable Recruitment – 3 Min. Read

Remote Staff: Effective, Efficient, & Dependable Recruitment

Finding the best remote staff can help you transform and grow your business. Recruitment can be a difficult endeavor and at worst, a costly mistake.

If you’re thinking of finding talents from the Philippines, Remote Staff Inc. can help you mitigate the risks of offshore hiring.

Since 2007, we helped around 8000 Filipino professionals find stable, secure online jobs. We are PEZA accredited with over 2500 satisfied Australian small and medium business clients.

Save Time with Pre-Qualified Applicants

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Most business owners are so pressed for time that they don’t want to spend weeks waiting for applicants or weeding out mismatched candidates. From our Active Staff List website, you can book an interview for pre-qualified candidates. Only those that passed our rigorous screening involving phone interviews, skills tests, and background checks are listed. We also verify that their internet connection is stable and ready for remote work.

Alternatively, we can prepare a shortlist of the best candidates and schedule the interview for you. For common job positions, interviewing to onboarding can be completed in just 3 to 5 days.

Do you need to combine skill sets in one role? Or do you require proficiency in niche technologies? We can also provide a custom recruitment service. We prefer to invest enough time in understanding your business. When business needs are verified, we can make informed recruitment decisions. Only then do we specify a realistic list of qualifications for your job posting based on your budget.

To get the best candidates, we extend our search to other portals such as LinkedIn, Monster, and JobStreet to name a few; recruiters source both active and passive candidates. We also have specialized recruiters for industries like Information Technology, Accounting, and Finance.

Make use of our recruitment expertise and hire top Filipino talent at fair local market rates.

Get Help with Payroll, Administration, and Onboarding

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Remote Staff Inc. is a legal entity in the Philippines and Australia. This is an advantage for clients and remote contractors because contracts can be enforced. Remote work should be secure not just for clients but also for Filipino professionals seeking online job opportunities.

In the Philippines, Filipino remote workers are self-employed professionals and individual contractors. The government still expects payment of due taxes and proper registration of their professional practice. When you work with a remote work agency, it is possible to circumvent stringent employer-employee labor laws.

Clients and staff find it difficult to comply with the requirements on their own. Our services include full support in payroll and administrative management matters. On your behalf, we ensure payroll is given on time and pay the mandated benefits for social and health insurance. Filipino professionals value job and income security. Usually, they are the breadwinners of their family, and may even support their extended families. Supporting your remote workers on these important matters means that they can focus on doing the best job for your business.

For business owners, we protect your intellectual property by asking your new hires to sign enforceable non-disclosure agreements to prevent proprietary information and customer’s personal data to be collected or used outside work. By preparing these contracts, we can lower risks and uncertainties involving remote work.

Use Technology to Monitor Productivity

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You might ask how will you check if your staff is doing well and putting in the required hours of work? It might be surprising but your remote staff is also thinking of the same thing! They worry about assuring you that they are doing their job.

Not all job roles will have outputs that can be easily documented. Some outputs might take time to produce valuable data. But, you wouldn’t want to wait 3 months to figure out why your telemarketer is not making any sales or that your virtual assistant is having a hard time?

Typically, the earlier you detect problems, the better chances you will have at solving them.

To address this, we provide a technology called Remote Staff Platform. It is a productivity monitoring tool that assists in timekeeping, captures screen activity at work hours, and compiles user’s activity in simplified reports for clients. Attendance and timekeeping are some of the early indicators of performance-related issues.

If your schedule is tight to read the daily reports, a compliance officer will inform you of any important observations. For example, if a worker fails to log in to the system without a leave request, they will immediately contact you to confirm if the absence is authorized.

If you’re concerned about privacy, your remote workers can pause the screenshot feature anytime. This is useful when they need to enter a password, do some personal errands or chat online during their break.

Successful remote work relationships must be built on trust.

The monitoring technology is not for policing your staff but it is a tool to document relevant work data to detect and resolve problems early on. For your staff, this provides them the assurance to prove the work that they have put in without requiring close supervision.

Build Trustworthy Remote Work Relations

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Our most important work begins after hiring. Communication, cultural differences, and hidden expectations lead to misunderstandings. Remote Staff Inc. assigns a dedicated Lead Account Officer to the client and their remote staff. They support them from onboarding to promotion or termination of contracts. Their mission is to mediate and help maintain a satisfactory working relationship between the employer and the remote worker.

The first month is critical in providing guidance to help your staff succeed. Your lead account officer will check in with you to see you are having any difficulties communicating, assigning tasks, or getting quality output from your staff. They will also talk to your new hire to see if they have any concerns or obstacles that they cannot tell you directly. Balancing the concerns of the client and staff is the key to resolve conflicts.

Sometimes productivity issues come from personal problems. In some cases, if you are too worried about your staff’s wellbeing, we conduct home visits to check how they’re doing. A simple gesture like this communicates your respect and care for them as an individual even if you are thousands of miles away. And Filipino workers are happy to reward you with loyalty and hard work.

If despite our best effort, however, things don’t really work out, we will seek a replacement within 1 to 2 weeks to minimize disruption to your business.


Successful remote staffing helps businesses grow and save costs. Partnering with a trusted agency makes this strategy viable even for the most risk-averse business owners. Difficulties and problems will come along the way, but you won’t be alone in solving them. Our expertise lies in recruitment and staff retention. With effective tools, constant touch-ups, objective conflict-resolution, and empathy, your remote work relations can be just as genuine and valuable as others.

If you are still unsure, check out this quick guide on the different ways you can hire a remote worker. If you would like to know how we can help you, fill out a form here or call us at +61 2 7201 9698 to start your remote staffing journey.

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