Remote Staff: Effective, Efficient, & Dependable Recruitment – 3 Min. Read

Remote Staff: Effective, Efficient, & Dependable Recruitment – 3 Min. Read Remote Staff
Remote Staff: Effective, Efficient, & Dependable Recruitment – 3 Min. Read
Our job is to help you find the best remote staff; high-quality professionals who can help you transform and grow your business.

To do this, we invest heavily in our recruitment efforts as our Chief Operating Officer, Lance, will explain.

With over two decades worth of recruitment experience, Lance understands the value of effective and reliable recruitment practices; especially when dealing with remote staff.

Listen to Lance and hear all about the company’s recruitment process and why our system works.

What makes Remote Staff’s recruitment process unique?
The Remote Staff recruitment process is different than that of other service providers because we have a very systematized workflow of how we take that initial job specification form, submitted through our website, and fill it in with as much information as possible.

We invest time in this so that we can make sure that we are in sync with the actual needs, not wants, of our clients.

And together with the internal business development person that we have in the Philippines, we sit with the client and spend a considerable amount of time drilling down the actual needs that the client wants us to find the skills for.

What does Remote Staff do next?
Once we have that information, it then goes down to our pipeline, where an account manager is allocated to that particular job and to that particular client. Our recruitment team then goes to find candidates that fit the job description.

And we do this with a lot of precision. Because we want to make sure that we get it right. This is our mission here at Remote Staff.

We represent quite a number of candidates who are interviewed over Skype. And when that person is selected, we then go through an induction process with that candidate, and with the client, to make sure that person is vetted in at the beginning of that journey.

We track everything carefully and very frequently at the beginning of the relationship. In the first 4 weeks, we have multiple touch points to make sure that the person is vetting in well. We want to hand-hold that relationship to make sure that it does actually work out.

The first 4 weeks are the most critical parts of the relationship and we have to make sure that we are there to support that relationship through this initial period of induction.


What can the client expect after the induction phase?
Throughout the whole journey, the account manager is always there and available to the client and subcontractor, throughout the whole duration of that contract. We also have a compliance team that makes sure that the contractors are actually turning up for work — that they are logging in when they should be logging in.

They actually have to log into our RSSC platform to log their hours because they are only being paid for the hours that they have worked.

How long does it take to find qualified candidates?
The amount of time it takes to source a candidate or number of candidates will depend on the type of role that we are trying to fill. If we are trying to fill a very high level .Net or C++ developer role, it may take us longer than if we were trying to fill a WordPress developer role; because the technologists of WordPress are more available. Whereas for .Net and C++ ,it is harder to find such candidates.

Particularly, we can cover most roles in 3-5 days. We have a recruitment manager and that recruitment manager’s job is to make sure that all new job orders are prioritized and allocated to the recruiters in her team.

She then tracks the progress of the recruiters and make sure that they deliver quality candidates for the job specifications they are working with.

How can you describe the recruiters at Remote Staff?
So, it’s a fairly professional yet casual kind of team. Everybody works very hard and they have fun as well. But we are pretty much KPI-driven in such a way that we are all about quality and speed.

We want to make sure that we get the candidates for the job orders we are trying to fill as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality.

We receive a lot of accolades for our placement with a lot of our clients speaking highly of the contractors that we place. Of course it is not across every single person. You are going to get people sometimes who end up disappointing clients with their performance.

How do you handle unsatisfactorily-performing remote staff?
But the way we handle that is that we nip it in the bud very quickly because we keep in touch with our clients and contractors on a regular basis. And we make sure the progress of the contractor is being constantly monitored.

And if there is any consistent disappointment then we will get in there and have that person replaced. Typically, people stay with our clients for a long time from a year to 4 years sometimes. It really does depend on the relationship between two people. But typically, we do get very positive feedback.

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