Oct 25

Recent Study Reveals Working From Home Increases Productivity

The Institute of German Economics recently finished a study that showed that workers actually increased their productivity when they worked from home. This clearly shows that instead of slacking off, as many managers feared, workers were inspired to do more.

Increased Productivity

The study by the Institute highlighted the fact that work-from-home positions don’t just benefit the employee but also the employer. This is combined with the fact that a recent European Working Conditions Survey suggests that for many employees, the presence of an employer is not as effective as they think it is in encouraging productivity.

Employees responded in the study that they didn’t feel that their boss being there in person affects how they behaved in the workplace. The presence of their boss also did not affect how much work they produced and how quickly they did.

According to the survey, only two percent of the participants increased their speed when their boss was there. 35 percent of the respondents felt that they would be setting their own pace despite the presence of their boss. For a quarter of the respondents, they felt that customer demand would be the main reason for their increased productivity.

Additionally, the survey also asked employees about their job satisfaction. 60 percent of them responded they were very satisfied with their position, especially when they relaxed their attempts at control. There is no lower level of employer control than having their employees work from home.

What Does This Mean For You?

Knowing that you don’t have to always be peeking over your employee’s shoulders to ensure that they are actually working should relieve you of a lot of your worries. However, you are going to need to hire the right sort of worker.

You’ll want highly-skilled self-starters that know what they are doing. You should only have to give them some instructions and clarifications to get them to do the job right. This is where Remote Staff can help. We’ve had a decade of experience in picking out the right people we think can be an asset to your business.

Experience increased productivity in your business by employing your very own home-based staff. Give us a call, and not only will we find the best candidate for your needs, we will also be here to monitor your staff’s work activities upon hiring.

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