Oct 26

Small Businesses Become More Competitive Thanks to Remote Staffing

The Internet and modern communication technology have allowed people to work from anywhere, even if this means halfway around the world. Though a lot of larger businesses have turned away from the remote staffing trend, 60% of those currently working remotely are employed by small businesses.

The Competitive Edge

One of the main reasons for this shift towards remote staffing is that a lot of small businesses appreciate the wider talent pool that they can have access to. Normally, small businesses would be limited to potential employees in their area.

But with remote staffing, they can get highly educated people without the usual headhunting competition. Small businesses can even hire experienced workers who want to move into work-from-home positions.

Another reason for seeking a remote employee is that they can be a lot less expensive than the standard office employee. There is no need to set up an office cubicle and having remote workers from other regions mean that employers can have a foreign exchange in their favor when it comes to salaries.

The global nature of remote workers can also allow for wider operations. For example, a small business wouldn’t normally be able to operate 24 hours a day. However, with workers in different time zones, it is possible to do it on a lower budget.

Finally, remote staffers are a lot more productive than their office-based equivalents. This can be because they’re a lot happier or they are a lot more motivated. Furthermore, studies show that work-from-home workers often put in a lot more hours than those who work in an office. This increased happiness is also reflected in the fact that employee retention is also higher compared to office-based workers.

The shift to remote staffing also reflects the general trend in international workplace behavior. The US is the world leader with 3.7 million Americans now telecommuting. However, other countries are getting into the spirit of things with Brazil, Australia, China, France, Japan, the UK, Mexico, and India feeling the effect of the changes in their workforce.

Build The Right Team

If you’re a small business owner, knowing all of these benefits can push you towards hiring your own remote workers. The question is, how to start this off. Without being backed with experience, you can easily make mistakes in your recruiting efforts.

This is where companies like Remote Staff comes in. We have more than a decade of involvement in providing outsourcing staffing solutions and have a large database of potential employees ready and waiting to work for you.

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