Oct 23

Logitech Celebrates National Work From Home Week

Logitech recently finished celebrating its National Work From Home Week from October 9 to 13. This is the Swiss company’s second annual celebration of this home-grown holiday. For employers and employees interested in getting into work-from-home, this was a great way to highlight how much remote working can benefit both sides of the equation.

Logitech’s Push

Logitech’s position as a global brand should encourage business owners like you to think seriously about looking for telecommuting employees. Logitech became serious in its efforts to promote work-from-home last year with its first National Work From Home Week. They’ve repeated it this year and it was a great success.

Logitech highlighted several advantages that you as an employer would enjoy if you pursued a remote workforce for your company:

  • Increased Productivity. Research has shown that two-thirds of employers that used remote staff have experienced increased productivity in their workers.
  • Access To More Talent. If you’ve had a hard time finding the right people for the job, you’re not the only one. Forty percent of employers have reported experiencing a harder time getting the employees they want.
  • Savings. On average, full-time remote staff can save a company up to $10,000 in real estate savings. Removing the need for a cubicle and other employee amenities can drastically cut down your office expenses.
  • Keep Your Valued Staff. Once you have a good employee, you will want to keep them. Those who work from home tend to be happier with their position – allowing you to retain them for far longer.

It is not just companies that are the winners. Two-thirds of workers nowadays prefer working from home nowadays, with many of them passing up higher pay for the chance to stay and work at home.

When Logitech reached out to other companies for help in promoting Work From Home Week, they received a lot of positive responses, including those from big-name corporations like Barco, Samaschool, BlueJeans, Upwork, and Zoom. If they have taken the plunge, why not you?

Join The Wave Of The Future

Work-from-home employees can deliver all that you need when it comes to labor and dedication. Today’s technology allows people from half-a-world away to meet your needs and get the job done. You can expect more and more employers to start looking for staffing solutions in that direction.

Join one of the biggest technological companies in celebrating the national work from home week, and in practicing the promotion of work-life balance.

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