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Should You Hire Filipino Remote Workers? A Big YES to That and Here Are 10 Reasons Why

Long before the COVID pandemic shook the world to its core in 2020, the Philippines had already been known as the “Outsourcing Capital of the World.” Now, despite the pandemic and the increase of remote workers from around the globe, the Philippines is still one of the largest and most popular outsourcing destinations in the world.

Being exposed to the concept of remote work early on, Filipinos have enjoyed the benefits of work-from-home solutions and mastered the art of working remotely. You can say that nothing fazes Filipino employees anymore. They have gone through every remote work challenge there is and have learned to deal with it gracefully regardless of wherever or whenever they work and whoever they work for. 

We could go on and on, but here are 10 of the most compelling reasons why Filipino remote workers rule:

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How do you manage someone working miles away from you? You don’t (at least not as much as you would someone working in the same physical space as you). Remote work will require you to step back a little, and Filipino employees are great at effectively doing their jobs with minimal supervision. You don’t have to worry about them missing deadlines and confusing time zone differences.    

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You take care of your Filipino remote workers, and they will take care of you 10 times more. They value good working relationships, so it is pretty common for them to stay with the same company for decades. Even with less face-to-face interaction, Filipinos can easily form bonds due to their friendly nature. They easily get attached to their colleagues and employers, which results in camaraderie.    

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The Philippines often experiences natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons, and despite adopting new technology, it still has relatively slow internet connection and frequent power outages. Although this is the case, Filipino employees do not easily give up and skip work. They will try to get back to work as soon as they can or at least keep in contact with you to notify you when they can come back.   

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Filipinos are the most optimistic people you will ever meet. Even in the face of adversity, they know how to keep things light and separate their personal life from their work. Yes, they value family over work, so expect them to take a leave of absence during family emergencies, but they don’t disappear on you for days without a single word. As professionals, they understand the importance of ownership and are aware of the responsibilities they need to fulfill at work. They will bounce back and come out stronger in spite of setbacks, ready to resume work.      

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Being independent means having a knack for solving problems without much help, which is often the case with remote workers. Filipinos are resourceful individuals. Their positive outlook and resilience allow them to think on their feet and come up with solutions for their clients even with less resources. Their empathetic nature also helps them anticipate the needs of their clients and think of better ways to service them.   

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Filipinos are used to working long hours just to provide more for their families. Some even take on one or two side gigs while working full-time. That being said, earning extra income is not the only motivation Filipino workers have for working overtime. They also want to contribute to the success of the company they work for by honing their skills and learning new ones to ensure that they are doing high-quality work.  

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Culture Fit with Westerners

Filipinos embrace foreign culture, especially the Western culture. They enjoy English movies and TV programs and appreciate Western lifestyle, fashion, and sports. This deep connection to the West may have something to do with their colonial history. However, beyond that, Filipinos learned to be more adaptable and use their fascination with anything foreign to their advantage. They earn an income with the use of their knowledge on Western culture.

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High English Proficiency

High English proficiency gives Filipino remote workers an edge over others. But why exactly are they good in English? Filipinos learn to speak English even before starting school. Their love for anything foreign allows them to be open to watching foreign films and listening to foreign music, especially those in English. School curricula include how to use the English language in speaking and writing and test reading comprehension and listening. 

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High Literacy Rate

Filipinos take education seriously and consider college education as a major milestone in life. We all know that a college degree does not necessarily mean success, but having one definitely gives us an advantage. Even though Filipino parents do not have enough money to send their children to college, they make it their life’s goal to do so no matter what. The Philippines’ 98% literacy rate shows that it is home to success- and excellence-driven people.

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Filipino remote workers are getting the support they need to make remote working a viable career path. The Philippines now has modern infrastructure facilities (such as co-working spaces) and technologies (faster internet connection) that make remote working easier. The government has also enacted a law that formalizes work-from-home or remote working, setting out the rights and duties of employers and employees in a telecommuting program.

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Filipino remote workers are indeed all that and more, but nothing beats working with one to truly understand and appreciate what makes them the best remote workers in the world. Click here to learn more about outsourcing to the Philippines. You may also call us or schedule a callback now to discuss your staffing needs with one of our Lead Account Officers.  

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