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Ways How Remote Staffing Changed the Business Landscape

Your business needs to keep up with the ever-changing pace of modern life because if it does not, it’s only a matter of time before your competition will overtake you.

Technology is one of the most important changes you will notice in the entrepreneurial world.

Technology plays a huge part in global modernization. What used to be hardly accessible can now be easily reached through clicks and taps. You do not have to go to the mall to shop. You do not have to go to school to learn. All these can now be done through interconnected networks or more popularly known as the Internet. Actually, you can do relatively anything online now. That doesn’t exempt doing business.

According to an article written by ICT Pulse, the continuous evolution of technology is changing the way we do business, the dynamics of the workplace, and what we perceive is possible. The article also states that the business world is often hit especially hard by technological changes because this can result in the complete renovation of a process or even an entire industry.

One of those changes brought about by technology is remote staffing. Online remote staffing is a trend a huge number of firms, organizations, and companies from all over the world are following today. Remote staffing actually is enlisted in “Fox Business’ 4 Talent Acquisition Trends A Company Should Not Ignore”. According to this article, online staffing companies are leveraging technology to disrupt the traditional staffing model. Unlike staffing firms, these companies deliver talent through marketplace transactions. These Web-based platforms let individuals buy and sell various services and provide those individuals with features that enable online project engagement and self-service options (e.g., billing, rating, scoping, and feedback).

Remote staffing has changed the way business tycoons play the game. Employees do not need physical interaction with companies in order for them to get hired, and companies in return need not invest too much time and effort in screening potential candidates to fill in a job vacancy. Over the last few years, the emergence of remote workers has changed the way a lot of companies are recruiting and hiring their employees. They get hassle-free recruitment solutions from reliable remote staffing partners like Remote Staff.

Over the last 20 years, technology had been rapidly changing and these changes affect the processes in the workplace. It made work easier and faster. Moreover, the continuous evolution of technology and modernization is transforming the way industries are doing business. It has impacted them in many different ways which are proven to improve business logistics and landscapes. While there may be tension between traditional work ethics versus modern professional practices, it is very evident that technology has immensely improved the global business landscape.

And presented below are ways on how this landscape had been changed by finding and offering jobs online.

Employee Management

One of the best thing about remote staffing are online timesheets. Your remote staff logs in to a platform that accurately measures the number of hours they worked on a daily basis. Online Timesheets allow you to view when your staff logs in, take lunch, take breaks, and log out. The timesheets are automatically linked to staff payroll and client invoices.

CBS News states that beyond the platforms and software your company uses, you need to continually research the newest tools for the sake of efficiency and collaboration — often to keep up with what your savvier team members are already using. Maybe they use IM all day long and you like the phone. Yes, you call the shots but ask yourself what will make your people most productive and satisfied.

Cost Management

Increasing competition may require any company to streamline their operational costs and resorting to remote staffing online is one of the most cost-efficient ways on how to do that. With Remote Staff, we provide flexible payments with fair pricing for business owners to choose from, allowing them to control their expenses without compromising the kind of employee they let in their company. We even cater to your office solution needs and provide you with a more affordable alternative to housing your employees in an office in your country.

Research from Network World from IDG states that it costs between $10,000 and $20,000 per year to house an employee in an office in a major metropolitan area and between $6,000 and $10,000 to do so in a smaller city. Moving employees out of headquarters and into remote or home offices can save companies millions of dollars per year. And keep in mind, these numbers dwarf the cost of IT support for these employees.

Time Management

Offering an online job to offshore staff gives business owners a huge sense of time management. They will not have to waste their time looking for potential candidates as reliable third-party service providers like Remote Staff can do that for them. More so, the support system doesn’t end there. They are also guided through billing, payments, and staff monitoring.

For specific sorts of organizations and employment obligations, remote staffing can be a successful instrument for enhancing company productivity. In the first place, these remote laborers more often than not have similar capabilities as their office-based counterparts, however, their finance costs are not as big. Research shows that remote staff are similarly as committed – and potentially much more beneficial than your local office-based employees.

These are a few of the many ways how remote staffing helped changed the global business landscape for the better. And you’ll have to experience it for yourself. Build relationships that matter from the Philippines and request a callback from us today. We will help you steer your business to the path of growth.

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