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Feature Image Challengs of a Tech-Driven Future

Here’s What the Experts Have to Say About the Challenges (Opportunities) of an Increasingly Tech-Driven Future

Technology has long been an indispensable part of life. Everyone relies on digital devices for work, education, business, and practically everything else these days.

And now, almost a thousand innovators, researchers, and experts share the universal view that our relationship with technology will continue to get closer as we become a more digitised world.

What does this mean for the foreseeable future?

Challenges Brought On By A More Tech-Driven World


Our increasing reliance on technology can result in even more widespread economic inequality. Specifically speaking, those who are more tech-savvy will have access to more opportunities.

For instance, companies that can afford updated digital tools will more likely produce higher quality output. (Not least because this will also enable their employees to work faster.)

Conversely, workers who don’t have the right tools may struggle to meet deadlines, which will, in turn, affect production.

Aside from inequality, a tech-driven world has the potential to speed up the spread of misinformation. And this overt manipulation of public opinion can result in an even more divisive populace.

Social media, for example, has become a tool for spreading fake news, thus blurring the line between fact and opinion.

Opportunities Spawned By the Pandemic

Opportunities Spawned By the Pandemic

While the challenges that lie ahead seem overwhelming, there are also quite a few opportunities lying in wait. Al ot of these have to do with remote work possibilities and their consequences.

As more companies adopt flexible working arrangements, parents get to spend relatively more time with their children. More importantly, employees now have a better chance to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Then there are technological developments in virtual and augmented reality. Artificial intelligence, for one, can potentially enable people to live safer, smarter, and more productive lives.

For instance, many businesses have adopted “smart systems” to provide their customers with increasing convenience. Voice and facial recognition and smart homes are just a few example.

Impending Technological Uncertainty by 2025

Impending Technological Uncertainty by 2025

According to an expert, there are quite a few big areas of technological uncertainty that we’re likely to see as we approach 2025. One is that remote work will only become increasingly prevalent, along with the technology for enabling it.

While remote work will definitely stay, companies do need to update their technological capacity to enable it. Businesses that have yet to adopt remote work policies may find it difficult to hire and even retain skilled professionals in the long run without such.

The remote job market will also widen and become more accessible to various candidates around the world. Hence, employees would need to upskill to land better opportunities. In turn, companies must also invest in developing their staff accordingly.

Despite automation playing an increasing role, the digital future isn’t likely to take opportunities away from skilled individuals.

Rather, technological advancements should ideally complement our quality of life.


As we approach a more tech-driven future, it’s best to start cultivating a more digitally friendly workforce.

Fortunately, Remote Staff has been around since 2007, helping Australian SME’s and entrepreneurs like you navigate the increasingly competitive remote industry. With the help of our skilled and talented remote workers from the Philippines, you’ll have more chances of surviving and even thriving through 2025 – and beyond.

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