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6 Ways to Make Your Job Postings Really Stand Out

Every employer wants to hire a rockstar employee. But only a few succeed at that. 

Fortunately, there are proven ways, six to be exact, to help you find and attract the top talent in any industry. 

Let’s take a look: 

Disclose the Salary Range 


Contrary to traditional beliefs, revealing the salary range actually works. According to experts, posting generic lines such as “Salary based on experience” won’t attract the best hires. 

At the most, you’ll get mediocre applications from random candidates. 

With a clear salary range, you’ll be able to attract people who have similar salary expectations. And more often than not, they are also the ones with the skills and experience to back up their high rates. 

Showcase Your Culture 

Showcase Your Culture

It’s not enough to say you have a great work culture. When you want to attract millennial employees especially, you need to give them a genuine sense of what a typical day at your workplace looks like. 

Start by describing your daily routine at work, your team’s dynamics, as well as the challenges/opportunities you all encounter on a regular basis. 

A nurturing yet challenging work culture is very much at the top of the list of must-haves for the younger generation. So if you want to attract the best of them, don’t just talk about the situation at your company. Show them. 

Write an Attractive Job Title 

Write an Attractive Job Title

A vague job title isn’t exactly attractive. 

Instead, make sure that the job title you post includes both your industry and the position’s common name. 

People don’t search for “an amazing job in marketing” or “interesting work in advertising.” Instead, they search job boards by position title, as well as the location and industry. 

If you’re offering a remote work position, be sure to mention that as well. 

Doing so helps you set a clear picture of what you expect and more importantly, attracts the right group of candidates. 

Don’t Use the Same Format Over and Over


It’s tempting to recycle and tweak job postings based on a current opening. This is a huge mistake. 

Experts advise employers to refrain from following the same old format if they want to get new applicants. By describing your job opening/s differently, you’ll end up attracting candidates who are also looking for something different. 

Heck, have a little fun writing the announcement. Make it sound catchy, honest, and even humorous. 

But of course, don’t forget to be clear about what the job entails. 

Use Photos 


Words can only do so much to attract rockstar candidates, especially creative ones. 

This is where photos come in. Most employers make inflated promises, such as describing posh offices, overflowing pantries, or the latest software and gadgets…only to disappoint new hires with the reality once they get in. 

Avoid this by sharing actual photos of your office, real staff in a remote work setup, or hybrid work environments such as collaborative meeting rooms, and the like. 

This way, you’ll generate more realistic expectations and more importantly, demonstrate honesty and transparency. And you can bet that the most highly qualified candidates will appreciate that last bit more than anything. 

Don’t Use Buzzwords


Although we’re talking about finding rockstar employees, there’s really no need to add the word “rockstar” in your job descriptions

Very few job seekers ever search for jobs that have “ninja” or “rockstar” in the job title. (For some, those words are even a red flag.) 

What they look for though, is a job opening that clearly describes the work environment as well as the skills you’re looking for.. 

Hence, focus on writing a job post that clearly communicates your desire to hire people based on skills and character. 

More than a good paycheck, employees today are looking to work with good people for a good purpose. 

Thus, if you describe your work environment to be such (and of course ensure that it is), you’ll eventually find those hardworking and talented rockstars. 


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