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Want To Make More Money and Better Decisions? Take a Walk

Most people think that great businesses start off as an idea that pops up randomly. Others believe that it’s a result of years of hard work. 08

And in reality? It’s both. 

Entrepreneurs can and do work endless hours, but at the same time, they also keep hobbies to maintain a healthy balance. For some, it’s sports. 

But for others, it can be as simple as a walk in the park. 

The Power of the Humble Walk

The Power of the Humble Walk

Believe it or not, there are entrepreneurs who were able to build 6-figure businesses off taking regular walks. Some even sold a 6-figure business off the back of the same. And more. 

For them, walking is one way to spend time with themselves. This helps them develop new ideas, explore new options, and even spot new opportunities. 

More importantly, it provides them with common ground for talking and connecting with other entrepreneurs (or clients) who love to do the same. 

So instead of golfing their way to land new deals, many entrepreneurs find walking a more affordable way to do business while keeping fit. 

Benefits of Walking 


Regular exercise certainly benefits our body in all aspects. It improves our health, lowers our risk of depression, and makes us feel good overall. 

Walking provides all that and then some. 

According to research, walking also boosts Theta brainwaves, which in turn, assist with learning and memory. In fact, the simple act of walking is considered the optimum movement for leveling one’s Theta brainwaves. 

Another benefit is that it increases the brain-derived neurotrophic factor. As a result, your body becomes more resilient to aging. 

Moreover, walking strengthens mental ‘flickering,’ which happens when your brain moves between big picture mental states such as when we think of future plans and current tasks. 

Simply put, walking doesn’t just keep you fit. It also makes you more brainy and creative. 

The Power of Walking the Same Path Everyday 

The Power of Walking the Same Path Everyday

Unlike jogging or even hiking, daily walks around your block can be done on auto-pilot. It’s not about where you go or what you see. For most entrepreneurs, it’s what they talk about while they’re on a walk. 

Some close business deals while they’re walking. Others brainstorm with their business partners to resolve the problems or come up with new strategies

For them, walking the same path is the best way to generate ideas because of the lack of distraction. I mean, you already know your neighbourhood like the back of your hand, right? 

Can’t Run? Go for a Walk 

Can’t Run Go for a Walk

There’s nothing wrong with running per se. It keeps you fit and active. However, if you’re looking to use exercise as a way of improving and redesigning your life and aren’t in any state to run, walking is the way to go. 

It’s even better if you can walk with someone. Perhaps a business partner, who can act as a soundboard as you talk through ideas and issues. And the farther you walk, the more you can discuss.

Another reason to choose walking over running is the cost. The former is a lot cheaper. No need for running shoes or clothes! 

Make time for a walk and you’ll potentially make better decisions, get better ideas, and eventually, make more money. 


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