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10 Reasons Why Remote Staff’s Recruitment Process Is a Better Fit

Since Remote Staff started its operation in 2007, we have always wanted nothing more than to support businesses and remote working relationships. Everything that we do in the company is to get our clients and their remote contractors working together in the best way possible to achieve higher levels of success.

In order to accomplish this mission, we needed to step up our game as a full-service BPO in Manila. And what better way to do this than to improve our recruitment process? Hence, our Recruiting for a Better Fit process came into existence.

But what makes this recruitment process a notch above the processes of other BPO companies in the Philippines? Here are some of its unique features:

1. Job and Behavioural Assessments

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Remote Staff is all about finding you the right fit, and for us to do that, we need to understand you as a client and potential employer of Filipino remote workers.

Therefore, the first step in our new-and-improved recruitment process is not only to understand your staffing requirements. We also try to understand your job profile, your behavioural patterns, and generally how you are as a human being by asking you to complete job and behavioural assessments.

It is only when we understand these things that we will know which candidates will be perfect for the role you are looking to hire and will be a great match to your leadership and working styles.

2. Large Talent Pool

Remote Staff's Resume Page

Whether it is a new order, a replacement, or a back order, Remote Staff can get you the staff you need.

Not only do we have quality job candidates; we also have a number of them in our talent pool. We are not talking about hundreds but thousands of candidates available and ready to hire whenever you need them.

Our quality applicant volume makes it easier and faster for us to source the right person for the role you are looking to hire. The faster we find you the right fit, the faster you can get started or get things moving in your business.

3. Efficient Pre-Qualification Process

Pre-qualification document on clipboard

Remote Staff’s pre-qualification process may be extensive, but it is efficient. We customise it depending on the role, especially the interviews and skills tests needed.

Nevertheless, all of our candidates undergo behavioural and cognitive profiling, checking of sample work and portfolios, and four English communication tests. We also subject all of them to security assessments such as the confirmation of their residential addresses and IDs, police clearance, and reference checks. And how can we forget to check their internet connection and hardware resources?

We go through all of these stages of the process yet we can assure you that we work fast enough to get you the right person for the job in the shortest time possible.

4. Use of Science and Data

Unrecognizable recruiter selecting a female candidate in a professional network via virtual interface.

As mentioned, we conduct job, behavioural, and cognitive assessments of our clients and remote contractors–something new we’ve incorporated into our recruitment process.

The reason behind facilitating these assessments is to have a more solid basis for our talent sourcing and placing and for your hiring decisions. After all, there’s no way you can disregard what science and data say about who you should hire for a particular role.

More than relying on our gut feeling, making business decisions based on facts yields more positive results. Why? Because science and data are objective and honest. Unless you or the candidate did not answer as honestly as you can or someone tried to manipulate the results, you get an accurate result of the analysis.

5. Obligation-Free Talent Sourcing

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From the moment you speak with someone from Remote Staff about your staffing requirements up until you sign off on the Placement Order, you do not owe us anything. All the work that we do between these two stages of our recruitment process is how we show our commitment to our clients and remote contractors.

We genuinely want to support you in achieving success, so you are not financially obligated to pay us for the work that we do until you and your remote contractor have mutually agreed to work together.

With our obligation-free talent sourcing, you don’t have to worry about paying the bills. Instead, you can just focus on finding the right person for your business.

6. Dedicated Lead Account Officer

Young asian holding notebook wearing a headset during a video conference

You and your remote contractor are in good hands. Remote Staff makes sure that you have someone to turn to in case things go awry or if you simply want to express how happy you are with your new remote team member.

All of our accounts are assigned a Lead Accounts Officer who is always ready to lend not only one but two ears, shoulders to cry on, or helping hands. These people are experts in what they do. They are culturally competent, enabling them to help bridge gaps between you and your Filipino remote contractors.

Our Lead Accounts Officers will go above and beyond to help you grow your team if that is what you wish, making remote staffing an advantage for your business.

7. Your Say, All the Way

Words It's Your Say in speech balloons

At Remote Staff, we don’t tell you who to hire. It is still your business at the end of the day, and you get to call the shots when it comes to who you want in your team.

What we do, however, is to give you the best options available. We endorse shortlisted candidates for your perusal, but you decide which candidates to interview and hire.

We want to emphasize that Remote Staff has no intention of stepping on anyone’s toes. What we want is to lift you up and support you in reaching your goals and achieving success by helping you save time and giving you the best options available.

8. Upfront Invoicing

Close-up Of A Busineswoman's Hand Working With Invoice On Digital Tablet

Once you and your remote contractors are ready to start working together, we issue you an invoice for the first month of your relationship.

What you need to understand about our invoicing process is that it is quite unique. Your remote contractor’s wage, benefit contributions, and our Remote Staff fixed service fees are bundled together in one hourly rate. Unconsumed hours are carried over as either credit or debit to your next month’s invoice.

We are nothing like a middleman who gets a cut from your remote contractors’ wages. Your remote contractors get paid what they are due. Their benefit contributions also get paid if you agree to pay for them. In other words, we only earn an income when your remote contractors work.

9. Access to Remote Staff Platform

Homepage of Remote Staff Portal

You and your remote contractors get access to our very own custom-built remote monitoring technology–the Remote Staff Platform.

The Remote Staff Platform is a place where you can manage your remote working relationships. All you have to do is log-in and you can check your remote contractors’ attendance status, computer activity, tasks, and accomplishments.

This technology is not something we created due to mistrust. It is for the sole purpose of sustaining trust between our clients and their remote contractors, promoting transparency and accountability.

10. Ongoing Support

online technical support, customer service 24/7 nonstop

Our job does not end in finding you the right team member. If you decide to hire a Filipino remote worker via Remote Staff, we will be with you from the moment we get into a conversation about your staffing requirements up until the day your work relationship with your remote contractor ends.

We provide ongoing support such as attendance monitoring and compliance, payroll administration, and tech support. If you want we can also assist you in registering your remote contractors as self-employed professionals, which allows us to help them apply for HMOs and government-mandated contributions.

With Remote Staff, you will never feel alone in your journey to success. We will be there for you every step of the way because we care about your business as much as you do. Most of all, we care about you and your team, and we want to contribute to your professional and personal growth and success.

So have we piqued your interest?

If we have, then visit www.remotestaff.com and give us a call or schedule a call back with us. We’d love to start a conversation with you about your hiring needs and how Remote Staff can help you get started in finding the right team member for your business.

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