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9 Benefits of Hiring the Right Person for the Job

The BPO industry in the Philippines is booming. In fact, it contributes so much to the country’s GDP. There are more than 700 BPO companies employing millions of Filipinos, and this number is expected to rise in the coming years. 

These 700 something BPO companies are driven by employers’ desire to find the right staff for their businesses. No wonder, they all say that they are all about finding the right people for the right jobs

But what’s the deal, really? Why is it so important to find the right staff? 

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1. Good hires are time savers. 

Your staff is expected to contribute to your company’s productivity and not take a portion of your precious time for follow-ups, retraining, and disciplinary action. 

Bad Hires: They disrupt your schedule and take your attention away from tasks that truly matter.

2. Good hires contribute to business growth. 

When hiring new staff, think of their contributions in the long-term. Hiring the right person (for both entry-level and management positions) reduces the need to hire over and over again, increasing your revenue and decreasing business costs.  

Bad Hires: They waste allocated resources as they have to be replaced as soon as they get hired.

3. Good hires are less likely to add to your turnover rate. 

Turnovers are a cause of headache to employers because they require time, money, and energy. Imagine shelling out these resources only for your newly hired staff to quit or stop working for whatever reason. With good hires, they are less likely to quit or give you any reason to fire them. 

Bad Hires:  They are resource killers as they waste hiring, onboarding, and training resources.

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4. Good hires boost team morale. 

Surely, adding a new team member can temporarily disrupt your team’s momentum, but in the long run, the right hire is able to adapt and contribute as if he or she has been part of the team all along. 

Bad Hires: They cannot easily adapt and get along with their team members, disrupting the productivity of the whole team.

5. Good hires strengthen relationships among team members.

A good hire has a great personality that helps him or her get along well with the other members of a team. He or she is a great team player that actively participates and helps out. 

Bad Hires: They cause unnecessary tension that negatively affects teamwork and causes unnecessary drama in the workplace.

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6. Good hires are great trainees. 

Training good hires should not be a problem. They are focused, so they learn pretty quickly. They are genuinely interested in learning about their job and the company, so they take everything they learn to heart. 

Bad Hires: They drain your training budget, energy, and time as they find it too hard to follow, mostly because they are not 100% all in.

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7. Good hires improve the reputation of your company. 

Your staff represents your company. Having a team of great hires is like holding up a banner that says: “My company has the best work culture and environment.” Great hires also rave about your company as they find no reason to quit their jobs. They spread the word about how great it is to work for you.   

Bad Hires: They give your company a bad name. This is not only because they have to be replaced as soon as they start working, but also because they talk negatively about your company. They don’t care about its reputation because they are not committed to being a part of it.


8. Good hires are able to do more. 

Great hires know how to manage their time, so they are able to finish their tasks and meet their deadlines. They also have time to help around and do more for the company as they have the initiative and require less training. 

Bad Hires: They are the ones who always need help, not because they have so much to do but because they have a hard time accomplishing tasks despite having been trained for hours on end.


9. Good hires are trustworthy. 

As they are a product of a reliable and efficient hiring process, great hires know the importance of confidentiality. They understand that data assets are important for a company’s success. Therefore, they try to abide by your confidentiality agreements. 

Bad Hires: They don’t really care about your company, so they don’t mind getting you into trouble. When they leave, they can breach confidentiality agreements and cause you to spend so much for legal battles without a second thought.

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