Apr 17

Why Celebrating Workplace Milestones is Important

Celebrating workplace milestones, big or small, is important in any business. Not only does this encourage employee engagement, but it also nourishes your staff’s growth.

A study by the strategic employee recognition and reward solutions company, O.C Tanner Company, found that 80% of people tend to quit their jobs when they feel unappreciated at work. This is why regardless of how heavy tasks could get, finding time to celebrate your staff’s achievements could have a long-lasting impact on your employees–whether they are office-based or remote staff.

Small and Big Wins

Celebrating your staff’s achievements doesn’t have to be heavy on your pocket. Audit and consulting company PricewaterhouseCooper found that employees prefer appreciation, purpose, and autonomy, rather than promotions and raise, to feel engaged.

A simple pat on the back could go a long way. And for those who have virtual staff, there are remote staffing solutions that offer coworking office spaces where you can celebrate small and big wins. Giving your staff some recognition can be as simple as crafting regular company-wide announcements, or even special mentions during Townhall meetings.

The Payoff

When your team feels that their efforts and hard work are being acknowledged, it can motivate them to work harder and work better. Showing your staff that they matter, proves that they are assets to your business. It gives people a sense of being valued, and it can boost company morale.

Also, celebrations make people happy. Being recognized might reduce your staff’s stress levels, resulting in a more positive work environment. Celebrating work milestones also encourage growth, and might lead to your staff to reach their full potential.

Taking care to appreciate your staff’s achievements can also build long-lasting relationships work relationships and loyalty. This holds true regardless if you have an office-based staff or you decide to hire virtual assistants in the Philippines. Loyalty is important in any business as it strengthens institutional knowledge and lessens your staff turnover rate.

Appreciate and celebrate the little wins and achievements of your employees and build a working relationship founded on loyalty and trust. Everyone needs a little love and appreciation once in a while. By celebrating your staff’s milestones, you can create a dynamic culture for your staff and your business.

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