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Tips to Help You Attract Good Candidates

Recognizing and hiring qualified candidates, such as finding the right employee or virtual staff in the Philippines, can take up such a huge amount of your time and energy. It is a process that requires hard work from you and your recruitment team.

A key to addressing this difficulty is attracting the right candidates right off the bat. But how could you entice such talents at the start of the recruitment process? Below are some surefire tips and tricks that you can do to attract good candidates for your business.

  1. Work-life Balance Advocacy

Juggling a career, family life, and me time can be quite challenging. This is why job seekers and professionals often seek businesses that promote holistic, quality living. Advocating work-life balance doesn’t necessarily mean compromising your business operations. Encouraging company engagement, connecting more regularly to your remote staff, implementing short breaks throughout the day, and even creating hobby groups across the company are some of the things you can employ in your company. Highlight how your business promotes work-life balance, and surely the right candidates will come knocking on your door.

  1. Enticing Website

Having a seamless and aesthetic website can definitely give your business a leg up against your competitors. This holds true to attracting the right candidates as well. Having a crisp call to action, compelling messaging, and clear instructions might just be the push that inspires the right candidate to click on the apply button.

  1. Well-crafted Job Ads

First impressions last. For many candidates, their initial interaction with your company would be through job ads. Job ads establish your credibility and industry knowledge. It is also an opportunity for employers to clarify what the job role is all about — from main tasks, requirements, to qualifications. By crafting a clear job post, you get more chances of getting the right talent that you need. You may also consider crafting creative advertisements that cater specifically to a job role and see how it can boost your recruitment process. For example, when posting an ad for blog writers, why not create your job ads to look like a blog post? Employing this tactic might just pique the interest of your target recruits.

  1. Awesome Company Video

According to a report by the Tech company Cisco, around 75% of today’s internet traffic comes from netizens watching video content. Meanwhile, a recent survey conducted by video company Wyzowl, found that 92% of digital marketers find videos effective in gauging their target market. The majority of today’s audiences and job seekers prefer visual cues over simple static written content. Amp up your company video by sharing your company’s best practices, give it a fun vibe, keep in mind your company’s branding and target audience, and find that the right candidates might be intrigued enough to give you a call.

  1. Strong Social Media Representation

According to the market research company GlobalWebIndex, the average internet user has more than 5 social media accounts. If used correctly, social media can be a great avenue for employers to connect with the right candidates. Recruiters can source for specific skills through a simple search. Recruiters can also entice people to share job openings, or use social media for job referrals. Meanwhile, candidates might be more attracted to companies with a strong social media presence. A verified button beside your company’s name is a win, the number of your followers and likers is a knockout, and lastly, a beautiful feed can be a game-changer. Through social media accounts, candidates and employers alike can already assess culture fit.

Whether you are sourcing for local candidates or considering outsourcing in the Philippines, attracting the right candidate for your company is a must. It staves off bad hires, cuts down on staff turnover rate, and prevents your business from racking up additional recruitment expenses. The next time that you need to hire new staff, keep in mind these tips and tricks, and hopefully, you and your recruitment team can enjoy shortlisting a multitude of qualified candidates in the future.

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