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What Is Clubhouse and Why Should Entrepreneurs Like You Join_

What Is Clubhouse and Why Should Entrepreneurs Like You Join?

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk make entrepreneurship look easy. However, there’s more to it than what everyone sees on random Youtube clips and trending Facebook posts.

As an entrepreneur, you know what I’m talking about. I mean, how many sleepless nights paved the way for that startup launch? How about the number of Sundays spent resolving project issues?

These are just a few of the most common experiences business founders and entrepreneurs share. Now, imagine if entrepreneurs had a platform where they could discuss ideas, opportunities, and experiences. Let’s take a look at Clubhouse, for example.

Clubhouse is one of the newest social media platforms out there. However, instead of visual and written media, it’s a voice-based app. Through it, people around the world can come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real time.

Now what benefits can an entrepreneur like you gain from signing up for a Clubhouse account?

Community-building for Leaders and Coaches


Effective leadership is key to every successful business. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Managing your remote teams might require more strategy and experience than you personally and currently have and this is where having access to a community of leaders and coaches come into play.

Since Clubhouse is an audio-based platform, you can tune in to successful and renowned leaders who are also on the app.

If you want to contribute to the discussion, you can even do so by tapping the “|raise hand” button. Cool, right?

Get Your People To Open Up


If you want to encourage more vocal participation among your distributed teams, Clubhouse is a great way to go about it.

Very few people are video-ready all the time and video meetings have a way of making people feel self-conscious. In contrast, Clubhouse’s exchanges are purely audio-based, so they can help your team members to feel less shy about sharing their insights. Plus, the experience can also make them feel like they’re part of a live podcast, which certainly adds spice to the exchange.

Once everyone is on board, you can even widen your reach and invite your social media followers to join your Clubhouse community whenever you host virtual events.

Collaborate on Projects


Clubhouse isn’t just for public forums. It’s also a safe space for private discussions. If you’d like your teams to explore and discuss different ideas, they can start private chats on the app for this purpose.

Chances are, these discussions might veer from one idea to another and that’s okay! The best marketing strategies and product features usually stem from the most bizarre and random musings. The more relaxed atmosphere on the app’s private chats can thus encourage your remote teams to let all their creative juices flow.

Plus, once the team finishes their discussion, the chatroom will be closed, keeping your team’s plans a secret until they’re ready to be unveiled.

Networking with Industry Experts

Networking with Industry Experts

Connecting with industry leaders is an indispensable part of your entrepreneurial journey. Instead of shooting them an email and crossing your fingers that they’ll reply, why not listen to them directly? With Clubhouse, industry experts are just a tap away.

If you’re established already, you can even start your own room and invite the experts in your own industry or community. Or why not be the speaker yourself? *wink* *wink*

Advances with the internet and technology have made networking and learning accessible with just a few clicks. And now that we’re practically living in the digital future, it’s necessary to prepare your business for what lies ahead.

Fortunately, the transition doesn’t have to be complicated.

Remote Staff has been helping Australian SMEs and entrepreneurs like you shift to remote work with the help of our skilled Filipino remote workers. Whether you need a virtual assistant or even a scriptwriter for your first Clubhouse virtual event, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today or schedule a call back and let’s get started.

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