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The AU Entrepreneur_s Guide To Bridging Cultural Differences With Your Filipino Remote Staff

The AU Entrepreneur’s Guide To Bridging Cultural Differences With Your Filipino Remote Staff

Filipino remote staff are the best kept secret of many SME entrepreneurs in Australia and beyond. Ask just about any SME owner in the West and they’re likely to have one or two Filipinos among their distributed team. Otherwise, we here at Remote Staff wouldn’t exist. *wink*wink*

Kidding aside, though, there’s a good reason for that. We’ve written at length about all the benefits as well as the ins and outs of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant, but it boils down to a handful of major factors.

First, there’s the lack of a language barrier. Most Filipinos grow up speaking English as a second language. Also, because it’s the medium of instruction at school and at work, Filipinos usually have no trouble communicating in that language.

Second, there’s the Filipino work ethic. Filipino remote workers are highly skilled in their fields and can be relied upon to deliver. And if you treat them well, they’re likely to go the extra mile for you and your business too.

Lastly, there are the economic benefits. Let’s face it. Your AU dollars will go much further in the Philippines thanks to the exchange rate and the relatively lower costs of living. This way, you can save on labour costs AND pay your staff a generous wage. It’s a win-win.

But of course, working with a distributed team isn’t without its challenges. Cultural differences will always be a given, no matter how Westernised Filipinos tend to be. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to address such. Read on to find out more:

Eleven Tagalog Phrases That’ll Come in Handy When You Work With Filipinos

Eleven Tagalog Phrases That’ll Come in Handy When You Work With Filipinos

Yes, Filipinos speak English perfectly well so you won’t need a translator to work with them. However, attempting to learn some key phrases will go a long way towards earning their good will and loyalty. Click here to brush up on some Tagalog phrases that you’ll definitely find useful at some point.

Filipino Work Culture vs. Western Work Culture: Seven Key Differences

Filipino Work Culture vs. Western Work Culture- Seven Key Differences

Do you ever wonder why your Filipino staff like to engage in a bit of small talk before your Zoom meetings? Or why they always seem hesitant about giving their honest feedback?

Worry no more. This article explains seven key differences between Filipino and Western work culture so that you’ll be better equipped to handle your interactions with your Filipino remote staff.

The Filipino Culture: 3 Things You Could Learn About Filipinos

The Filipino Culture- 3 Things You Could Learn About Filipinos

Speaking of Filipino culture, here’s a general overview. If you’ve never worked or interacted with Filipinos before, this is a good place to start.

5 Proven Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Remote Workers


Why hire Filipino remote workers in the first place? If our little spiel in the introduction wasn’t enough to convince you, this article that delves into the topic further ought to.

Ten Tips For Managing and Getting Along With Your Filipino Remote Staff


Finally hired your own Filipino team, but have no idea how to manage them? Well, if you hired them through Remote Staff, we usually have our own onboarding process for both parties, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Otherwise (or if you’d like to take things further to bring out your team’s best potential), read this.

Work as we know it has changed irrevocably over the past year and a half. The digital economy is also as dominant as ever. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity to revamp the way you run your business and take part in an increasingly global economy while you’re at it?

Ready to hire your first Filipino VA, writer, or graphic designer? How about a whole customer service department? Call us or schedule a callback today and let’s talk about how we can start building your dream team.

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