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Want Your Brand to Stand Out? Hire the Right Content Writer for Your Business

One of the things that set your business apart from your competitors is the content you communicate to the world. The key to a unique and engaging content is the right person to create it.

Hiring the right content writer is not only about finding someone who has a decent grasp of the English language. There are numerous writers who can write in English. However, there are writers who are more capable of writing meaningful content for your clients and prospects, and we will help you find them.

The key to hiring the right content writer for your business is choosing the right kind of content writer, which depends on your target audience and platform. Keep in mind that professional content writers possess different skills and expertise and utilise different strategies in creating content, so make sure to match them with your needs. 

Types of Content Writers

  • Bloggers

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Gone are the days when blogs were considered amateur writing. Businesses now use them to attract prospects, convert leads, and promote brands.

Bloggers possess marketing knowledge. They have the ability to target the right audience and use SEO techniques to make their content rank high in search engine results. Bloggers understand that traffic helps convert blog readers into actual clients.

Cost to hire a blogger: AUD 600-790/month (PHP 22,000-29,000)

  •  Technical Writers

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Technical writers describe technologies to the smallest detail. They target specific industry professionals who understand industries such as software development or steel manufacturing.  

These writers are detail-oriented and have a great understanding of complex subjects. More often than not, they are industry professionals who write on the side. Technical writers’ tasks often include writing technical blogs, guides, FAQs, and product descriptions.  

Cost to hire a technical writer:  around AUD 1,200/month (PHP 44,000)

  •  Scriptwriters

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Scriptwriters write content that requires entertaining and relatable storytelling. They are in-demand in the film/television industry and corporations hire them for advertising.

Scriptwriters create scripts for corporate films, video interviews, and even podcasts. They are highly creative individuals who know not only how to tell a story, but also how to tailor it to suit their target audience and the medium to be used.

Cost to hire a scriptwriter:  around AUD 1,150/month (PHP 42,000)

  • Press Release Writers

word Press Release on the screen of a tablet next to a cup of coffee

Press release writers disseminate information about a company or an individual. They publish their works on websites of concerned parties, publications, and television channels.  

These writers have a clear understanding of your business, your services, and your goals. They are also wordsmiths who are great at earning the trust of their readers and capturing the attention of the right people.

Cost to hire a press release writer:  around AUD 680/month (PHP 25,000)

  • Long-content Writers

Person's Hand Typing On Laptop Over Wooden Desk

Writing long content involves the creation of data- or insight-driven content, such as e-books, case studies, and study materials. Long-content writers are employed to write books about subject matters they specialise in.   

 They possess the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to provide in-depth content about a subject, educate, and churn out thousands of words per material.  

Cost to hire a long-content writer:  around AUD 820/month (PHP 30,000)

  • Email Writers

African businessman typing e-mail on laptop using online application

Email writers are hired by companies for their specific skills in writing email content. Composing email content is very different from creating other forms of content. It’s main purpose is lead generation or getting a reader to click on a link to a website or a product page.   

However, email writing is not as easy as sending a well-composed email. The real challenge is how to get people to open an email. Seasoned email writers are great at catching the attention of their readers and convincing them to click the call-to-action button with their subject and opening lines for newsletters and promotional offers.

Cost to hire an email writer:  AUD 490-690/month (PHP 18,000 to P25,000)

  • Social Media Writers

hand writing on notebook in front of a laptop with words social media on the screen

Social media writers are the voice of a brand as they are all over the web. They create viral content that helps build the image of a brand. Social media writers create polls for engagement and release official statements via social media platforms just like public relations professionals.

These online writers know how the social media culture works, so they know how to utilise each platform and what kind of language to use for maximum impact. They are also fast workers who churn out numerous content for frequent posting and response to comments.

Cost to hire a social media writer:  AUD 490-550/month (PHP 18,000 to P20,000)

  • Copywriters

hand writing the word copywriting on a notebook

Copywriting is the most demanding out of all the types of writing mentioned above. It requires writers to get their message across with only a few words.

Copywriters should be knowledgeable in several fields and in dealing with different markets. They must also possess literary skills as they may be required to write jingles and taglines, TV/radio content, ad content, and packaging content.

 Cost to hire a copywriter: around AUD 660/month (PHP 24,000)

Narrowing down the type of content writer you need can help you craft the perfect job description for the role. So before you seek out content writers or place a job order via an agency, first think about the needs of your business in terms of content creation.

Once you have decided on what kind of writer to hire, what skills you need to look out for, and your budget, it is now time to go through potential hires. We have gathered some tips you can consider when screening candidates for the writing role you are looking to hire.

Tips for Evaluating a Potential Content Writer

  • Take a look at the writer’s portfolio.

words writing portfolio in the middle of a messy desk

Although a writer’s portfolio may not be a raw and accurate basis of a writer’s skills, it is still worth looking into to see what kind of writing a writer takes on and to get a general sense of his/her capability.

Look for their best and worst write-ups and gauge how good or how bad their writing could get. If you think their worst write-up can be easily improved, then you may consider them for the role.

  • Avoid writers without a specialisation.

hand picking up a blue person

Writing takes time to improve. You cannot hire someone you consider average if you are looking for a rock star. The same goes for writing different types of material. Switching from writing one type to another does not help writers improve their skills.

If you are looking for a creative writer, hiring someone who has more technical writing experience will not do you any good and vice-versa. Therefore, it is advisable to find someone who churns out more of what you really need.   

  • A writing test is a must.

hand writing excellent! on paper

Doing an interview when screening candidates for a writing job may be important. However, getting them to create content on the spot is a better way to gauge a writer’s skills. It’s what they’ll be doing anyway, so why not get them to do it during the screening process.

Just make sure that they can accomplish the writing test you will give them within a day. This way they will not have the opportunity to commit plagiarism or produce fluff. If they are real experts in the industry and the type of writing they specialise in, they will be able to come up with written material without much help from Google.

Writing is not an easy task, making writers invaluable in any business. If you want your brand to stand out online, you will need writers who can help you out. Invest in a really good one–one who meets your needs and standards–and reap the benefits of having a professional Filipino content writer in your team. 

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