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Is Your Leadership Style Working? Here Are 6 Signs That It’s Time to Change

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. 

What may work for other entrepreneurs might not give you the best results. Conversely, your proven strategies can fall short when applied to another business. 

But regardless of the methods, managers can all agree on the negative effects of poor leadership. 

When this happens, it’s time to make a change: either change your team or change your leadership style

If you suspect that it’s the latter, here are six tell-tale signs to look out for:

Teams Are Not Making Progress 


Are you getting fewer things done? Observe your team members. If you notice that they’re constantly hitting roadblocks and things aren’t getting done as a result, then there’s a problem. 

Progress is the only metric that matters. So, start by asking your subordinates for objective feedback about what’s stopping them from achieving such. 

In the meantime, you can also make a few changes to your management style to see if the problem is on your end. 

Fewer People Are Reaching Out 

Fewer People Are Reaching Out

People like to work and collaborate with those they like, regardless if it’s their colleagues or managers. Hence, when people suddenly stop interacting with you, that’s a red flag. 

If you notice that your team is no longer comfortable engaging with you beyond the bare minimum,  it can be a sign that it’s time to evaluate and improve your leadership habits. 

People Are Quitting 


This is arguably the most obvious sign. After all, people don’t quit their jobs. They leave (mostly bad) managers. 

Hence, if you find yourself dealing with an influx of resignations within a short period of time, reassess your leadership style, stat. 

Better still, address this before a mass resignation of any kind happens. When a key employee leaves, look deeper into why they did so. Recalibrate if it has anything to do with the way you run things. 

Employees Aren’t As Dedicated 

Employees Aren’t As Dedicated

Motivated employees are happy to do their job -even if it requires them to go the extra mile at times. So, if you suddenly find yourself at a loss for volunteers who are willing to go above and beyond when you used to have a surplus of them, something is going on.

Ditto if you find a lot of deadlines suddenly getting missed at work.

Star Players Are Cutting Corners 

Star Players Are Cutting Corners

Having rockstar employees on the team boosts morale and productivity. Thus, when they begin to cut corners at work, that’s a big cause for alarm. 

The last thing you want to do is ignore it. Sit down with the team and have an honest discussion about what’s happening. 

This way, every member can help the team make a positive change moving forward. 

Your Team Is No Longer Asking For Your Advice 

Your Team Is No Longer Asking For Your Advice

Sure, it can be tiring to answer constant questions. However, you should be worried when your employees no longer reach out to you at all. 

If they seek their coworkers instead of approaching you, it could mean that you’re either difficult to approach or your advice isn’t valued. 


If you find yourself relating to one or more of these situations, it’s time to take action

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