Virtual Assistant Philippines: 6 Types That You Can Hire – 2 Min. Read

Having a reliable virtual assistant in the Philippines by your side can indeed be very helpful — to both you and your company. And thanks to modern-day technology, working with a virtual assistant in the Philippines is easier than ever these days.

Investing in remote staff will cost less but it entails investing money and time for it to work. The right virtual assistant in the Philippines is worth their weight in gold. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

But what type of virtual assistant do you need exactly?

Having a clear idea of the skills you require will help you find the right virtual assistant in the Philippines and will greatly heighten your chances of outsourcing success. Here are the different types of virtual assistants along with an overview of the services that they can provide you with:

Executive Assistants

These experienced professionals can assist your senior management and executives help make the company run smoothly.

This type of virtual assistant in the Philippines basically acts as an executive’s confidante, helping you manage your meeting schedules, arrange meetings, and organize materials for presentations. As much as possible, Executive Assistants should be accessible whenever needed and have a broad skill range.

Financial Assistants

These Assistants can help you analyze your company’s financial reports and see how your company’s financial activities could be improved.

These virtual assistants in the Philippines can back you up on projects related to accounting, bookkeeping, and the general financial administration of your business. Their responsibilities include budgetary setting, reporting and control, financial reporting to external bodies, annual accounts preparation, payroll, and pension services, business restructuring, as well as staff evaluation and development among other roles.

They may not be CPA’s but they should be able to interpret financial data and spot trends and develop forecasts as needed.

Legal Assistants

Legal assistants will help you with any legal matters and actions. They are the type of virtual assistant in the Philippines who are well-versed in legal language and would be most suitable as advisors for your company.

They can easily help you manage internal issues within your company such as contracts, employee benefits, complaints, and the like. They help ensure that your company is operating within the proper legal boundaries.

Marketing Assistants

Marketing strategies could be utilized in various ways and in this case, your marketing-adept virtual assistant in the Philippines can serve as marketing support, helping you assess opportunities or create marketing strategies suitable for your company both online and offline.

Personal Assistants

A personal virtual assistant in the Philippines can help you manage all your personal tasks. They can settle bills on your behalf, make reservations or travel arrangements, manage your appointments and calendar, set meetings, and so on. These professionals free up your time enabling you to focus more on core business.

Technical Assistants

The main purpose of this type of virtual assistant in the Philippines is to manage your company’s technical setup. He or she can help you resolve problems affecting your company’s technology and even your cloud servers.

They will help ensure that your company’s operations will not be held up by any technical difficulties (if ever difficulties would arise).


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