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Marketing and Advertising Industry Case Study

Marketing and Advertising Industry Case Study: Major Challenges and How Remote Working Can Help Them

Marketing is essential in every business. Even with the best products in the world, you won’t be successful if you don’t get your product message out there. 

And it’s quite complicated, especially for new businesses. That’s why there will always be a place for marketing and advertising firms, especially digital marketing.

Digital marketing is estimated to represent 53.2% of the total Australian Ad market last 2018, where video and mobile marketing taking 33% of the entire market.

Challenges Faced by Marketing and Advertising Companies

But the recent pandemic brought a dent to the declining market. It is expected that demand will substantially decline during the second quarter. This is due to businesses halting their marketing campaigns to reallocate most of the budget to business survival.

And for those who will survive the economic downturn, there are numerous additional challenges they will face. Here are some:



Lead Generation and Spotting Market Trends

Every sales funnel starts with a lead. It’s simple. If you get more leads, you get more chances to convert to customers. 

But getting quality leads is quite hard. Marketing and advertising companies need to continuously create fresh content that will resonate with their clients’ target audience. And spotting these new market trends is a constant demand for those in this industry.



Quality Traffic from Google

Another source of leads is quality traffic from Google. Marketing and advertising companies need to devise ways to lead customers to their clients’ websites. It’s because the more website traffic, the more people might buy.

It can be through Social Media campaigns, UI/UX website improvements, or SEO strategies. There are many ways, but the marketing and advertising firm should know what will deliver the best results for the client.



Organizing Data

Technology allowed businesses to gather as much information as possible in their industries. But this is a double-edged sword. With all the information, how do you know which one is relevant for your client?

Marketing and advertising agencies are challenged with organizing data. And picking up information that can be useful for decision making, especially for the next campaigns. 



Measuring an Effective Campaign

How can you say that a marketing campaign is successful? Is it the number of impressions? Is it the conversions? How do you measure an effective campaign?

It’s a hurdle for marketing and advertising firms to properly set KPIs that will clearly benefit their clients. Setting KPIs that matter is essential for success in this industry. After all, your clients’ success is your success.



Personalizing Customer Communications

In marketing today, you can automate most of the recurring tasks like email marketing or posting. But one thing is clamored by most customers, talking to a real person. 

It’s a struggle to find a balance between using technology and having that personal touch in customer communications. If they have problems, they don’t want to get auto-responders and templated messages.

That makes personalizing customer communications a constant challenge for marketing and advertising companies.



Adapting to New Technology

Technology radically changed how we market our products today. Print ads and newspaper advertising are not that used so much compared to social media and Google advertising. And this shift in marketing practices is quite constant in the Marketing and Advertising industry.

For example, voice search, messenger chatbots, and podcasting are growing tools that can be utilized by businesses today. Are you learning about them? Are you adapting to new technology?

Knowing this, it’s essential to adapt to continuously grow your client base.



Remote Working as a Solution

Since most of the marketing efforts of companies are online, marketing and advertising firms can either have a full or partial remote operation. In fact, Australian players in the industry like Insil and BFJ Media are getting remote workers to help their team.

Not only is this option cost-effective, but it can also be practical with the New Normal.


Working with Remote Staff

Working with Remote Staff

And you can also achieve the same benefits for your firm. You just need to find the best partner to connect you with the best remote workers out there.

Remote Staff has over a decade of experience in helping marketing and advertising businesses prosper remotely. Here are some of the job roles companies contract with us that can help you as well:

Virtual Assistants Roles

Admin tasks can take up your precious time without you even knowing it. Focus on the things that only you can do by hiring Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistant Roles that are frequently hired by marketing and advertising industries are: 


Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

  • Can help with taking calls and answering emails.
  • Can provide administrative and clerical support.
  • Can do scheduling and arranging travel itineraries.
  • Can prepare corporate documents.


Customer Support

Customer Support 

  • Talks to clients over the phone or through chat for technical support.
  • Responds to queries over phone or chat.
  • Troubleshooting technical problems.
  • Asks for feedback relating to customer experience.

Web Developers

The website of your clients is like your storefront in retail. You need to make it enticing and attractive for customers to buy products. And on the back-end, they need to maintain the websites to function well. That’s why businesses hire web developers.

Front-End Web Developers

  • Ensure optimized UI/UX design
  • Coordinate website features to back-end
  • Develop engaging user interface 
  • Integrate web design to best SEO practices
  • Build website codes for campaigns
  • Optimize website for speed and scalability
  • Implement designs for mobile sites
  • Fix usability and bugs

Additionally, you can hire backend developers to ensure that your website is running smoothly. Moreover, SEO specialists, copywriters, and social media managers can contribute to promoting your website to achieve significant and meaningful web traffic.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Handling financial records takes up a lot of time. Why spend most of your time here when you can use it for other income-generating activities? For the marketing and advertising industry, an accountant or bookkeeper can be essential in tracking financial transactions for reporting purposes.




  • Help you manage your books for day-to-day transactions.
  • Can input data in accounting software.
  • Help generate reports.




  • Can prepare financial statements in accordance with the proper standards.
  • Can analyze financial statements for business solutions.
  • Can prepare reports to be compliant with Australian taxation laws.

Remote Staff Testimonials

Looking for your Remote Staff? Hire Remote Staff to focus on the things that only you can do. Feel free to view our candidates for possible talents today.

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