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How to Improve Your Staff’s Work-Life Balance

Attaining the perfect blend of work and life has always been a challenge for many employees worldwide, not just in the Philippines. With work schedules getting busier every day, people tend to juggle between work and their own lives, resulting in damaging stress and suffocating pressure towards the individual and his/her work.

In order to achieve work-life balance, employers must first understand why it is important. Employees feel more positive and confident when matters at home are okay and stable. They tend to have better management over their work when there are no issues pressing their buttons during work. People achieve a sense of control and ownership over their own paths when they have a stable and peaceful life outside of work.

According to a study conducted in Australia in 2012, employees who have a positive work-life balance are able to do so much better at work. Hence, promoting this dreamy balance is not just beneficial to employees, but also for the company as well.

We have listed 5 simple ways that you could do to help your virtual staff from the Philippines achieve work-life balance.

1.Training, workshops, and company outings

A little more fun, freedom, and additional opportunities every once in a while could really help your Filipino VAs. A breath of fresh air and room for learning, education, and leisure is a good morale boost for your staff. Embrace that these kinds of activities feed their minds, and keeps them highly motivated. You can consider engaging with your employees and ask them what else do they want to experience and learn. That is one way to support your employees’ growth.


In the Philippines, holidays are automatically understood as rest days. Although it is given that Filipinos are extremely hardworking and patient, an unspoken wish to spend time with their families is ever lingering in the air. Since the Philippines doesn’t have that many numbers of holidays compared to some countries, an additional one or two days off won’t exactly hurt, right?

3. Encourage Self Care

Wellness benefits such as gym memberships, healthy food, and free massage treatments can all help your staff. A physically fit staff means active minds with healthy bodies. There would be less sluggish movements and no more glacial pace in your workplace if you give your staff these perks.

4.More Home-based Opportunities

Let your staff work from home. It is where people are the most productive and efficient. Say for example, by letting your bookkeepers in the Philippines work virtually, you could have double and effective results, all while cutting your operational costs. By letting your staff work remotely, you would also be helping them to live more.

Attaining work-life balance is a process in which people find ways to change and improve their state of life in accordance with their own priorities, goals, and aspirations. Empower your employees to get their lives on track, help them build a concrete home that would push them, and prevent them from being burnt out while it’s still early. The results wouldn’t just be promising for them but also for you and your business.

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