Mar 13

The Remote Working Concept – 1:45 Min. Read

Remote working is a simple concept that businesses these days should really be taking advantage of. It revolves around the idea of expanding your talent pool to reach highly-qualified professionals from across the globe without breaking the bank.

The concept of remote working has grown into different continents and continues to thrive today, especially in countries like India and the Philippines. The rise of the BPO industry has yielded an even larger remote professional pool of talent, with ample work experience, that international companies can easily tap into.

Different roles from IT to virtual assistance can be accommodated by offshoring companies like Remote Staff, offering business owners a more dependable and hassle-free outsourcing experience all throughout.

Unlike working with freelancers, you have an expert in the field mitigating your risks when you partner with a reliable outsourcing agency.

Remote working benefits companies by getting them access to talented professionals that can handle jobs across multiple roles, especially when local talent pools have been exhausted.

Also, outsourcing to countries like the Philippines means getting access to top skills at local wage rates leading to more savings over time. And without having to spend on technology or infrastructure, outsourcing also offers a significant reduction in overhead costs.

Remote working is also beneficial for the professionals themselves. Not having to struggle with the daily commute is a big load off of their backs. As a result, they are more relaxed and focused when they begin their shift.

With clearer mindsets, remote staff are also more productive throughout their days leading to the delivery of better quality and timely output; another benefit for the company that hired them.

As a result of reduced stress levels, employers are also not bombarded with issues such as excessive tardiness, sick days and so on when they work with remote staff.

Retention rates are higher which means less time expelled for recruitment, onboarding or re-training new hires. All in all, this translates to more savings on your part.

And with the extended flexibility remote working has to offer, thanks to technologies such as conference calls, VPN networks, video chatting, and wireless internet connections, it is relatively easy to maintain communication lines with remote employees.

Working with a trusted outsourcing agency like Remote Staff, you also enjoy access to monitoring technologies that make sure you know what your remote employees are doing during their shift.

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