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The Risks of BPO Outsourcing in the Philippines – 1:45 Min. Read

The BPO industry in the Philippines provides businesses with the opportunity to lower their costs while boosting their performance. But of course, risks are always involved. We outlined some of the common problems faced by business owners, and how we at Remote Staff, mitigate your risk.

1. Misunderstood BPO Contracts in the Philippines

Contractual misunderstandings can lead to discontent. This can mean that certain expectations are assumed but might not be met, leading to frustrations. Issues around billing methods, proprietary security, and approved overtime are just some examples.

At Remote Staff, we take the time to ensure that you understand every part of your contract. Equally, we make sure that your subcontractors have a thorough understanding as well. Should you need assistance or further clarification on certain matters, rest assured that you will be extended the service whenever necessary.

2. Quality Control

Over the last decade, we have seen that the quality of different BPO service providers can vary greatly. When you work with an unreliable BPO company in the Philippines, your provider may be driven to work more for their own benefit than yours. As a result, you might end up with poor manpower services compromising your business operations.

At Remote Staff, we believe that your success is our success and that’s what our business model is based on. We have a laser-sharp focus on quality recruitment and supporting the working relationship for sustainability.

3. Confidentiality Breach

If your BPO provider in the Philippines does not extend HR services, keeping track of your people and their activities will be challenging. Without proper off-site management, your proprietary information may even fall into the wrong hands or be made public when otherwise it shouldn’t be.

At Remote Staff, one of our top priorities is to ensure confidentiality. We have a Code of Conduct and confidentiality agreement that all subcontractors sign. As a legal entity in both the Philippines and Australia, we make sure these highly-enforceable contracts are always in place.

These are just some of the risks that come with BPO outsourcing in the Philippines but by working with an experienced and trusted company like Remote Staff, you’ll have someone who can mitigate them for you.

We strongly believe that all businesses large or small should be able to benefit from hiring highly-qualified remote staff, but partnering with the right BPO company in the Philippines is essential to success.

With nearly 10 years of outsourcing experience, we have the proven strategies that work.

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