Oct 30

Baylor University Study Reveals What Makes a Good Remote Worker

Though remote staffing is a popular trend for many small and medium-sized businesses, you can’t just hire a worker out of the blue and expect stellar results. Some people don’t flourish when it comes to operating remotely from their home. A recent study by Baylor University reveals two traits that would make a person an ideal remote-staff employee.

Not Anyone Can Be A Good Remote Worker

According to the study, which was aimed at finding out how to maximize the effectiveness of a work-from-home employee. The university took a look at 403 individuals and their working conditions. The study revealed the level of autonomy, their strain, and the level of emotional stability that they had.

Each factor measured something important. Autonomy is how well an employee can operate without any additional instruction. It also measured how much freedom the employee was given. Strain is how much pressure is placed on the worker. Finally, emotional stability is a measure of how well the employees can handle their emotions and react to various things.

The study showed that autonomy is definitely one of the factors that you should look for in work-from-home workers. This means allowing your employees to do their thing can be a successful approach. However, high autonomy can be a bad sign, too. High autonomy and low emotional stability can start to increase the strain placed on the worker. This can potentially cause problems in the future.

The study also revealed that those who had low emotional stability did not want that much autonomy. This means that they wanted more guidance in their work, even when they are at home.

What the researchers found as a winning combination is high autonomy and high emotional stability. Workers with both were able to work well, while also be able to do with a variety of pitfalls that may pop up.

Leave Recruitment to The Experts

What does this mean for you? It can be hard to determine whether a potential employee had the chops to be remote staff for your company. This is especially so when it is your first remote employee.

This is where Remote Staff will be able to help. More than a decade of experience has honed our recruitment team and we can pick out the most promising candidates for their skills and experience.

It’s not just recruitment either. If you choose to work with us, we can also help with managing your off-site worker. Discreet monitoring ensures that your employees deliver their work, while our account managers help you and your staff to communicate without any misunderstandings.

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