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Hiring Remote Workers: 5 Reasons Why Filipinos Are Good in English

Are you looking for remote workers, but on the fence on which country you should hire? Probably the biggest reason for most is communication. You need to communicate well with your team in order to get your company’s goals.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company cited by Kenneth Rapoza in Forbes, only 13% of graduates from emerging countries are suitable for global employment. And the number 1 reason is the lack of English skills.

And it’s still true today with varying percentages. So, where can you find remote workers who you can collaborate with easily for the onset? The Filipinos might be the answer to your search.

How Good Are Filipinos in Speaking English_

How Good Are Filipinos in Speaking English?

The Philippines has two official languages, Filipino and English. And English is spoken by around 70% of the population. You might ask how good Filipinos are in speaking English? Many might be familiar, but what’s the use if it’s incomprehensible.

Based on the EF English Proficiency Index, the Philippines is ranked 20th globally and 2nd in Asia. That’s why many foreign companies outsource their staffing needs in the Philippines. It’s one of the proven reasons why you should hire Filipino remote workers.

Aren’t you curious about the rationale behind it? What are the causes of the Filipino fluency in English? Here are 5 reasons why Filipinos are good in English.

American Influence in the Education System

American Influence in the Education System

The Americans colonized the Philippines for around 33 years. With this, the education system was heavily revamped with English as the medium of instruction. There are mass free education campaigns that require both students and teachers to speak the language.

It carried forward in the present with almost everything from governments, businesses, and the academe using the English language as a medium of instruction.

English in Philippine Media

English in Philippine Media

But education is just one piece of the puzzle. Many countries teach the English language in their curriculum, but they are not as fluent as Filipinos.

It’s because language fluency needs a continuous recall. Philippine media has many English channels that contributed to English usage.

Most Filipinos don’t need dubbing to enjoy English movies, news, and shows. The everyday recall definitely increased to the involuntary practice of the language.

Almost All Signages are in English

Almost All Signages are in English

And it’s not only in Philippine Media. Almost all Philippine signages are in English. If you roam around Manila roads, you can probably pinpoint a handful in just a few minutes stroll.

Perceived as a Sign of Prestige

Perceived as a Sign of Prestige

In the Philippines, the upper class speaks fluent English. It’s an aspirational language that many try to speak. Many see the language as a sign of intelligence and class.

This reason might not be that positive because the Filipino language is beautiful. But this social connotation trickled to Filipinos that made them more adept in English.


Opportunities to Work Abroad

Opportunities to Work Abroad

The opportunities in the Philippines aren’t that accessible to the less privileged. In search of greener pastures, Filipinos work abroad to provide a better life for their families. And most need to learn English for that.


Filipino culture is inclined to learn and speak English well. If you’re looking for remote workers you can collaborate with, Filipinos will be your best bet. Cheers!

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