May 21
Seven Tasks You Can (And Should) Outsource Now

Seven Tasks You Can (And Should) Outsource Now

Last time, we discussed the possible WHY’s behind outsourcing. Today, we will discuss the WHAT, specifically what roles you should outsource.

Sure, we’d like to keep jobs within Australia, especially now, what with the prospect of an economic collapse before us. However, not all businesses can afford to pay local rates at the moment, and they still need to keep things operational if they hope to survive and service their local customers.

That being said, knowing which tasks you can and should outsource is half the battle. Here are eight of the typical tasks in any business that are especially suitable for outsourcing:

1. Admin tasks.

1-Admin tasks

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Think setting up your zoom calls, scheduling your virtual meetings, or updating your files and whatnot. These are all necessary tasks, but they’re also tedious and take up time that you can put to better use. Plus, they can all be done remotely if you have the right software and qualified people in place.

2. Graphic design.

Graphic designer at work. Color samples.

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You don’t need to pay expensive agencies for your design needs. Nor should you trouble yourself with learning the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop to do the same.

There happens to be plenty of talented graphic designers abroad that are open to a remote work set-up. Provided that you’re willing to compensate them properly, you won’t have a hard time finding one who can execute your pegs promptly and effectively.

3. Android/iOS app creation and development.

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Many people are opting to stay at home these days since we don’t have a vaccine yet. Furthermore, a lot of them are spending more time on their phone than usual.

So, you can actually launch an app for your business to reach out to your customers and to hopefully maintain your cash flow. Even if you’re not especially tech-savvy, you can still realize this by hiring an app developer to take care of the details. Just make sure to do a test run before you launch the app on Google Play or the App Store.

4. Customer service.

4-Customer service

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Yes, you can actually outsource the fielding of client questions and concerns. Since most customers are taking to social media to post such, your customer service professionals will only need a reliable Internet connection to do the job.

While there are remote workers who specialize in customer service, some virtual assistants also have a background in the same. You could always ask about the latter during the interview to see if a candidate can perform both functions.

5. Lead generation.

5-Lead generation

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E-commerce can be quite daunting if you’re new to it. For starters, where would you find clients, right? Where would you even start looking?

Well, that right there is a lead generation specialist’s job description. Once you’ve given them all the pertinent details about your business (i.e., your ideal customer, etc.), they’ll come up with a strategy to seek them and their contact details out, among other things.

6. Social media management.

6-Social media management

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Coming up with engaging posts, replying to customer comments and private messages, and monitoring your reach is a full-time job in itself. Fortunately, you can outsource this and free up your time and energy for more productive endeavours.

7. Web development.

7-Web development

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A well-designed and fully-functioning website is both your best offense and defense during the pandemic. If your customers have no trouble availing of your goods and services on your site, they’re not likely to go to your competitors’.

This is where a good web developer comes in. There are many competent ones out there whom you can hire on a per-project basis, and they can do all of the work remotely as well.

If you can still afford to hire locally at this time, that’s excellent. Thank you for helping keep the economy afloat.

If not, don’t despair. You can hire remotely for the time being so your business survives and you still contribute to the economy through your taxes.

Whether we like it or not, the new normal is already here. We might as well make the best out of it.

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