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Should You Outsource A Task? Here’s Three Criteria to Help You Decide

Do you feel like the world’s gone topsy-turvy in the past two months? Well, you’re not alone.

It’s no surprise that 2020’s been off to a rough start. We thought the wildfires were bad, but now it seems like the world is just one big dumpster fire. Covid-19 took us all by surprise, and as we scramble to fight an enemy we can’t see, certain adjustments in the way we live and work are inevitable.

As the transmission is primarily through human contact, the work from home movement rapidly gained momentum. Just about everything that can be outsourced is being outsourced these days.

So, if you own a business and have always wanted to outsource some of your essential tasks, now would be the time. Heck, it might just keep you in operation too.

But first things first, how do you know when you should outsource something? Well, here are three questions to ask yourself:

1. Am I good at doing it?

If the answer is “no,” chances are you can find someone out there who can do it better. And if you find someone abroad, say, in the Philippines, you might save a pretty penny or two when you outsource that task as well.

Okay, but what if your answer is “yes?” Well, that depends on a few things. If the task is critical or central to your business, best keep it to yourself. All the more so if you are uniquely good at it as it’s probably your competitive advantage.

On the other hand, if the task isn’t really crucial to your operations, perhaps it’s time to re-examine your priorities. That way, you can identify the best way to free a significant amount of your time so you can grow your business.

For instance, you might enjoy replying to your customers on your social media page, and that’s great. However, if you’ve got pressing operational or supply chain issues that only you can decide on, it might be better to train someone else to handle your social media presence.

2. Do I hate doing it?

If you do, you probably won’t bring your A-game to it. This usually applies to those all-important yet incredibly tedious tasks, such as bookkeeping, answering calls, and running your payroll.

Most entrepreneurs typically do everything themselves when they’re starting out, and that’s normal. When your business starts to pick up, though, it would be counterproductive to continue in that manner. Outsourcing such tasks keeps things running smoothly and frees you up to scale up, improve, or market your core products or competencies.

Plus, let’s face it. Happiness is when you can pay people to do things you don’t like doing, right? By the way, outsourcing isn’t just for business. You can actually outsource personal tasks like making dinner reservations, doctor’s appointments, and canvassing prices online. You’re welcome.

3. Do I keep putting it off?

Ah, procrastination. We’re all guilty of this, I suppose, but sometimes, the underlying reasons are pretty telling.

When we procrastinate, it could be because 1.) we don’t like doing something (see no.2) or 2.) we don’t have the sufficient skills or resources to do it properly (see no.1). If either or both apply, then you might benefit by outsourcing the said task or function.

Of course, if it’s actually something that only you can do and you’re just too lazy and/or daunted by it, that’s a whole different story.

BONUS QUESTION: Is it necessary?

businessman examining a globe

With the dizzying variety of remote talents and outsourcing possibilities out there, it’s all too easy to get carried away. I mean, why stop at 1 virtual assistant when you can get 5, right?

Well, no. One of outsourcing’s chief benefits is it streamlines your workforce. Hence, think about the roles in your company that actually need filling before you consider taking on remote talent for other tasks.

Once you get all that sorted and you find yourself in need of someone to help you get started, you know where to find us. Click here and get to it, mate.

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