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Why Partner with a Filipino Offshore Company? – 2:24 Min. Read

Hiring virtual staff from the Philippines is a viable business strategy that so many businesses are choosing these days. With skilled professionals ready to work across a variety of roles at $6-$15 per hour, you can enjoy up to 70% savings on labor costs. But should you hire direct? Or is it wiser to partner with an established offshoring company?

But should you hire direct? Or is it wiser to partner with an established offshoring company?

Although cost savings provide a great reason for you to start working with a freelancer or a Filipino offshore company, you should be mindful of the risks that come with outsourcing professionals. It’s not as easy as it seems, especially at the start.

This, perhaps, is the number one reason why you should partner with an established Filipino/Australian offshore company: because we can mitigate your risk (usually for the same price as working directly with a freelancer).

What are the risks?

There will always be issues of trust and reliability – both of which are present even in a regular office situation but have a magnified effect given the remote working landscape, with employees who are based halfway around the world.

Security and confidentiality issues involving proprietary knowledge and intellectual property arise when there is no one to mediate on behalf of either the client or the contractor. This same lack of mediation can also translate to more complicated working relationships between the remote professional and his/her employer.

How do you know what your professional is actually doing? When working directly with a freelancer or even an offshore company that does not have robust IT transparency tools, your offshoring experience can turn sour and become expensive.

Without proper background checks, a contractor could easily fake a portfolio, as we have seen in recent cases. And if they get poor ratings or reviews, they could easily create a new profile and no one would be the wiser. As a result, a client could end up hiring people with great portfolios and resumes, but turn out to become substandard or poorly-skilled contractors.

At Remote Staff, we have over 130,000 pre-screened candidates. Require a certain skill set? No problem! We will customize a recruitment plan for you and find you more candidates to choose from.

Unlike other companies where contractors are responsible for their identities and portfolios, Remote Staff is an offshore company that has an experienced team of recruiters who sift through applicant records confirming every little detail.

When hiring a freelancer or pros through an offshore company, it’s wise to look for a company that supports your whole journey, not one that just hands over a list of professionals to choose from. Because after the recruiting process is over, support is absolutely needed to ensure your investment in time and money is protected.

Don’t forget, things like attendance, payroll, cultural issues, and HR must be attended to, and at Remote Staff, we take care of these things. We also provide all our clients with a dedicated account manager, who will help them throughout the entire onboarding process and beyond.

As long as you are our client, you can expect continuous assistance and full support with any concern that you may have.

When you decide to work with an offshore company, surely the last thing you need is to have more things to do. But this is highly possible when you outsource a professional from the Philippines without any guidance from a company like ours that has been in the business for years. We have the experience and proven strategies that can minimise your risks.

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