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Here’s How IT Can Help HR Win the Talent War

For the longest time, human resource (HR) departments single-handedly dealt with all staff-related concerns. Hiring, training, monitoring, disciplining, dismissing, and so on.

However, when the pandemic broke out, a new department suddenly had to come in and help them out: IT or information technology.

As millions of employees had to work at home, IT teams had to find ways to enable them to do so despite the movement restrictions and social distancing measures.

For many, this meant setting up project management platforms, seamless cloud access, and secure connections for all employees. On top of making remote work work, employers also had to attract, retain, and keep top talents engaged and productive.

And all these were made possible not just with HR, but with IT too.

IT’s Expanding Role in the Future of Remote Work

IT’s Expanding Role in the Future of Remote Work

Far from just ensuring that everyone can log in to work everyday, IT teams help ensure a smooth digital experience so that key talents stay on board and continue to do their jobs well.

IT departments have also been instrumental in facilitating easy access for team members scattered in different locations. How else can remote teams stay productive and well-coordinated?

In a nutshell, IT functions are directly responsible for the way employees effectively exchange information and ideas within a remote team.

Moreover, IT has both the capacity and responsibility to keep their companies’ data accessible and secure at all times.

And as remote work becomes increasingly mainstream, it looks like IT’s role is set to expand further.

IT’s Role in the Talent War – and Which Functions You Should Strengthen

In a highly digital landscape, IT teams are no longer an accessory. They’ve become an indispensable part of the entire business process.

Whether you adopt a hybrid or fully remote work set-up, IT and each member’s experience are inextricably linked. This connection is only going to grow stronger as the business world leans further into the WFH set-up.

Thus, for companies to hire and retain the best talents, they must invest in their IT resources.

How? For starters, you need to support IT initiatives. Invest in modern digital tools and software, offer upskilling opportunities, and outline clear goals for what you want your IT teams to achieve.

And to ensure a seamless digital team experience, here are three things your IT departments can and should further develop:

Tools That Enhance Productivity


Sure, IT teams generally assist with every technical difficulty. However, success in the remote workplace depends heavily on seamless processes and innovative tools are what make these possible.

Every minute spent on troubleshooting or trying to log in is conversely a minute spent not working. Thus, providing seamless access and anticipating concerns are a proactive measure that will give your company an edge – and also make for a less stressful working environment for top talent.

Channels That Support Multiple Devices

Channels That Support Multiple Devices

IT also has to develop channels that can support multiple platforms and devices. Since everyone is working remotely, the company should integrate a well-connected system that they can access on various devices from different locations.

Also, remote employees generally tend to use at least two devices (e.g., laptop, smartphone). A well-developed and maintained channel will allow them to work smoothly – no matter what device they’ve got on hand at any given time.



The rise of remote work opportunities have also led to an increase in cybersecurity incidents. So aside from developing internal channels and processes, IT teams also have to strengthen secure access controls and integrated risk management.

In other words, it’s not enough to have an accessible digital workplace. You need to control who gets to access what too.


With the digital future upon us, IT is now a foundational pillar of support for HR. And with the battlefield for top talent shifting from interview rooms to digital platforms, stronger IT functions can make all the difference.

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