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Four Ways Outsourcing Can Help Working Mums Stay Sane

Working moms are constantly under pressure. Every day, they juggle professional and personal responsibilities – and are expected to give their 100 percent to both. Can you imagine how insane that is?

Fortunately, there’s a way to make things a little easier.

Working women are rediscovering smarter ways to accomplish their tasks. Since one can only multitask for so long, delegating, or more specifically, outsourcing presents a better alternative. This involves delegating important tasks to offshore remote talents who can do them better – even while on a budget.

Hence, if you’re a mum entrepreneur who wants to excel in both spheres with your sanity intact, here are four ways in which outsourcing can help you do exactly that:

Outsourcing Helps You Concentrate

Outsourcing Helps You Concentrate

Handling work appointments, looking after children, doing groceries, managing teams…

These are just some tasks working mums deal with on a regular day. Unsurprisingly, this intense multitasking can result in losing the ability to concentrate on any task at hand.

Thus, for working mums especially, outsourcing can take a heavy burden off their shoulders. From scheduling appointments to preparing meeting materials, a capable virtual assistant or VA can take over those tasks so you can spend time with your family.

More importantly, handing over crucial yet tedious and repetitive tasks off the list can help you concentrate on things that only you can do – such as expanding the business or reaching out to new customers or suppliers.

Access to Experts

Access to Experts

Regardless of how skilled and organised you are, you simply can’t do it all. Also, hiring an expert to do something you aren’t good at or aren’t too familiar with doesn’t just make things easier. It can also help you achieve your dreams faster.

For instance, let’s say you may have founded a company, but have no time to learn about social media analytics. Instead of spending precious time trying to figure things out, why not hire an experienced social media manager instead?

This way, you’ll have a reliable expert fueling your online presence – even as you continue to work on other things inside and outside the company.

Added Flexibility

Added Flexibility

A flexible schedule and a clear mind often go hand in hand. The same goes for the opposite: it’s hard to think clearly and make the right decisions when you’re always pressed for time.

Because outsourcing involves delegating plenty of tedious tasks to other people, it can free up a working mum’s schedule and help them focus on upper management tasks that require their time and attention.

Best of all, you can rest easy and have more quality time with your loved ones when you hire the right people. Thanks to project management apps, you can even monitor your team’s overall work progress from afar without having to micro-manage.

Taking Back Your Personal TIme

Taking Back Your Personal TIme

Outsourcing also gives working mums some much-needed personal time.

With VA’s shouldering daily administrative tasks, working mothers can have an extra hour (or more) of personal time. This also allows them to build a strong rest ethic, which is as important as its work counterpart.

Because how can you take care of your children and your employees if you don’t take care of yourself first?


Mumpreneurs are proof that women can successfully build a career and a home. And as we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s appreciate the invaluable contributions and sacrifices of all working women in every organisation, regardless of their positions.

Are you a mumpreneur who’s struggling to balance work and raising kids? We’ve got you!

Remote Staff helps AU SMEs and professionals expand their businesses by helping them find and hire skilled remote workers from the Philippines for the last 15 years and counting. If you’re a working mum who’s going insane from all the endless tasks on your list, we’ve got the right staff who take care of those for you.

Call us today or schedule a call back so we can help you out.


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