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Four Reasons Why Investing in Good Copywriting Is Worth It

What do unique and powerful companies have in common? Well-defined, iconic brands.

And how do they do this, you may ask? Apart from impressive graphics and colors, they also rely on compact, concise, and powerful words.

Let’s face it. Words have a lot of power. The right ones can uplift, encourage, and even compel people to go a certain direction. Just imagine what they can do for your business.

Once you capture the essence of your brand with just a word or a phrase, you’ve already won half the battle. Done right, brand recognition can bring in customer loyalty by heaps.

Hence, global companies hire good copywriters to make this possible. Now, copywriting is quite different from content writing, mind you. It is an intentional and sophisticated craft, and as opposed to content writing which is usually done with the intention to inform or raise awareness, copywriting is all about driving the sales process.

From website copy to email sequences, set it up properly and it can have your products or services selling like hotcakes.

How? Read on and find out how a good copywriter can take your business to the next level.

A Good Copywriter Understands (And Can Cater To) Your Niche

A Good Copywriter Understands (And Can Cater To) Your Niche

Just because someone can write doesn’t automatically mean they can write good copy. Copywriting is as much an art as it is a science. You basically need to understand your target market’s needs and wants and then use the right words to trigger their pain points – and point them towards your product or service as a solution.

And a good copywriter should be able to do that without sounding technical or hi-falutin. A thorough understanding of your company’s niche is vital to producing copy that speaks your target market’s language.

This way, the copy will be able to capture your audience’s interest with a few words alone – even amidst so many distracting messages across all forms of media.

Copywriting Can Build – And Strengthen – Your Brand Image

Copywriting Can Build - And Strengthen - Your Brand Image

Simply put, your brand image is all about how you want your target market to see your brand. However, controlling your brand image is easier said than done. Your perceived image may actually differ greatly from what your customers perceive.

To close the gap, you need a series of well-written copy. Using carefully chosen words, a good copywriter can position your products and services (and therefore your brand) just as you’d want them to be.

Good Copy Makes For Value-Driven Content

Good Copy Makes For Value-Driven Conten

Copywriters put a great deal of thought into every piece of copy. Every single word counts. As with puzzles, everything must fit perfectly in order to make it work.

So, the sort of copy produced depends on the purpose – while still promoting your brand each time. For example, your About Page should be informative (and subtly boosting your company’s credibility) while the Products page is more sales-centric, focusing on the unique selling points of each item.

This is all more challenging than it sounds, but with a great copywriter, it’s all in a day’s work to deliver such.

The Right Copy Can Make Your Audience Remember Your Brand Better


Good copy is often born out of understanding customer needs and then effectively communicating how the brand can address these better than any other. Good copy also helps open up a space for dialogue between your business and your direct customers.

For example, posting a well-written and well-timed social media post can generate buzz within your target community. Apart from helping to establish your brand as an industry authority, this could then start a conversation where your target market may volunteer information which helps you understand what they need – and how you can provide it.


Writing is a lot trickier than most people think. Good business writing requires experience and skill, which can be difficult and time-consuming to develop.

So, instead of enrolling in a writing class (or forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at), why not just find someone who can do the job?

We can help you there. Remote Staff has been assisting Aussie SMEs and entrepreneurs like you with the help of our remote workers from the Philippines for the last 14 years and counting. Whether you need a copywriter, content writer, or even a VA that can do the occasional bit of writing, you can definitely find the right one within our rich talent pool.

Call us today or schedule a call back and let’s get started.


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