May 31

Four Benefits of Hiring a Remote Software Engineer

A successful business is usually the combination of two factors: the right product/s (or service/s) and the right people. 

For many business owners, the right team includes skilled writers, graphic designers, social media managers, and admin assistants. But as we move closer and closer to a digital future, there’s also a growing need for IT workers. 

Software engineers, for example, are currently in high demand. Their expertise in programming languages and systems management help companies address changing client needs in a modern world, which is crucial in a rapidly-changing world. 

Besides that, here are four more benefits that come with hiring one: 

Helps Optimise Your Hiring Budget

Helps Optimise Your Hiring Budget

Far from being an unnecessary additional expense, hiring remote software engineers is actually a practical option. 

For instance, hiring local engineers in your area could cost a lot, especially if you’re located in a business district or in a first-world country. This can limit your options because you’ll have to consider your budget instead of focusing solely on skill.

Hiring remotely can change that.

In countries like the Philippines, skilled software engineers willing to work remotely abound. The tech industry in Asian countries is growing extremely fast, making it a haven for outsourcing. 

The advantageous exchange rate also means you’ll get more bang for your buck – and so will your engineers. Win-win. 

Provides a Larger Pool of Candidates 

Provides a Larger Pool of Candidates

Hiring remotely means you can recruit engineers from anywhere in the world. Aside from the convenience, a larger pool of candidates also gives you higher chances of finding the right one who matches your requirements. 

Why settle for an average candidate in town when you can hire the best one possible – even if they’re oceans away?

And speaking of hiring the best….

Boosts Productivity 


Getting stuff done -and done right – will be faster if you’ve got the right people on your team. The best software engineers will require a shorter learning curve and won’t need as much direct supervision – allowing you to focus on other things.

And remember those remote hiring savings? Well, you can funnel those into improving your products and processes so you can eventually scale faster. 

Streamlines Processes 


Experienced engineers often have clear and effective procedures ready to ensure that things should go as they should. With as little intervention as possible. 

For example, they can optimise their processes and plan phone calls and video conferences around time differences. They can work with an asynchronous schedule and already have specific steps to help each client get up to speed on each project with minimum fuss. 


With the advent of technology, the best professionals, such as talented remote software engineers, are well within your reach. You just need to know where to find them. 

Fortunately, Remote Staff has been connecting AU entrepreneurs like you with the best remote workers from the Philippines since 2007. So whether you need one software engineer (or an entire team), we got you covered. 

Call us today or schedule a call back so we can start building your remote team. 


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