Oct 31

What To Do When Your Business Grows

An increased workload is a good sign for your business. However, it will also force you to make a decision. The more work on your company’s plate means that you will either have to get cracking or think about increasing your workforce.

An Important Choice

There are four signs that you should look out for indicating that it is time for you to seriously consider adding people to your team.

First is when you have to turn away work. As a business owner, it hurts to do that – but sometimes you have no choice and need to say no because you can’t handle the added workload. Second, your current team is putting in a lot of overtime. Third, you are running late on your current work. Finally, you think it is time to expand your business.

Making the decision between physically expanding or using outsourcing to offload work to contractors can be decided by looking at a few factors. Before you pull the trigger on the decision, the first thing that you should do is to take a fiscal check of the company. This should give you an idea of what you can afford in terms of your workforce.

A fiscal check involves whether you can expand your office space, extra salaries, and whether you still earn a profit after your new employee is added. If the numbers look like you can’t afford an expansion, outsourcing may still be an option for your business.

Additionally, you don’t need to discount outsourcing because you have the money to expand. Outsourcing can also be a good choice if you want staff to explore a market or you need to offload low-level admin work. It provides a cheaper option for many businesses seeking to build themselves up.

A Third Path

There is also a third option that Remote Staff offers: virtual employees. We give you the chance to actually hire full-time employees that will work for your company remotely. They will be supervised and be treated like your on-site staff with the only difference is that they put in all of their time online.

This particular staffing solution is ideal for jobs that can be done online. This can range from organizing the company’s books to writing its press releases. There are a lot of duties in the modern office that doesn’t technically need the employee to come to your office physically and giving these to virtual employees can allow your business to fully expand without breaking the bank. It helps that we only recruit the best.

Interested in growing your business even further, minus the big price tag? Give us a call and let our business experts help you determine the best outsourcing solutions for your needs.

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